A nostalgic visit ♥

I am a bit disappointed in myself for not taking as many photos as I usually do when I'm on vacation, but it's a bit hard to do in the city I grew up in. Over the years, Singapore has gone through an overhaul, and we have recognized that it has lost a lot of soul. I found myself drawn to what's left of my childhood, trying to capture and preserve a piece from the past. My cousin Rachel and I decided to play tourist in our hometown, and cafe hop around some of my favourite places in this city!

I felt like this trip was a much needed one for me. I needed to come home and allow myself to see that the grass isn't always greener on the other side. Perhaps I was too blinded by temporary fulfillment to know that mine just needed a little watering. Seemed like it was greener for the longest time though. This fresh perspective thing seems to be making its rounds in my life lately. But.. one thing I am thankful for is quality time with the fam. It's nice to know that even though we're miles away from each other for the most part, we'll always, always have us. More on my trip back to the motherland next! 


Jo said...

I think you visit and know more plaves in Singapore over your trip here than myself who have been staying here all my life.

Singapore is changing too quickly. It is modernizing way too fast that I feel a pang of melancholy at times.

Really? Is Singapore actually more enthusiastic than where you are? You mean Canada right? You are travelling so often that I often see you at various parts of the world.

Yes! If you are back for longer the next time round, please do buzz me. I would love to meet you! In the mean time, let's continue to keep in touch on whatever mediums we have been on.

Cindee said...

I LOOOVE these photos ESPECIALLY the last one! So colourful and your outfit is so pretty!


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