So.. this one is going to be a bit more personal. It has taken some time for me to pen my thoughts down, gather these photographs and reflect on my time back home this year.

Back in May this year - my grandmother went home to be with the Lord.

Until next time, Marrakech

The final post from Morocco! After the Sahara Desert trek, we settled into our 2nd AirBnB riad (We stayed in 3 different ones during our trip). And I think this has to be my favourite. Also, the food from our in-house chef was nothing short of amazing. Food cooked in a tagine is just something else. Dinner on this rooftop was definitely a treat. 

Tips for Travelling with Friends


Taking a bit of a travel recap break to post some quick snaps I took the other day of Elle! And of course our conversations would involve photography, food and travel. The last time I travelled with this girl was back in the early 2000s? We've done a few family trips together, including Singapore and a two week roadtrip to Alberta. But the trip we're dreaming up right now is Iceland! Or.. any trip with El Camino wouldn't hurt either.

We were chatting about our experiences with travelling with friends (and family members). Now we've all heard the old adage.. "You don't really know a person until you've lived together." In my case, it's travelling together. I've had my fair share of travelling with both friends and family, and while I've cemented great relationships and memories with some.. unfortunately, there are also others I have not. Thought I'd share some of my travel tips from past experiences!


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