A walk through Montmartre ♥

DSC_9288mHappy Thanksgiving my fellow Canadians! It has taken me quite awhile to go through my photo archives from this past spring.. (I haven't really went through my London trip either, oops.) but I'm slowly getting there! Sorting out photos and editing them, while working full-time (maybe I need to make photography my main gig instead.) and accommodating guests from halfway across the world can be quite a handful. Add planning a few trips for next year under my belt. On another note, I am quite excited to have my adventure-seeking-photography-enthusiasts cousins over for winter break! I'm sure we'll have quite a few things up our sleeves.

Thinking back to my trip to Paris, (Everything there is so picturesque - makes you feel like you're living a scene out of a romantic movie.) I have to say.. I really enjoyed exploring this lovely city. Paris is nothing like what Hollywood says it is, but everything I've always dreamed of. I've met some wonderful people here that I am happy to now call my friends, ate some of the best meals (Pho here is the bomb.), and fell in love with the beauty of this city. Perhaps this city is overly romanticized, but I love it nonetheless. There’s also a very specific kind of people-watching here that I love. The street style here is refreshing. I'll be sharing more in parts, but in the meantime.. here are some snaps from my morning at Montmartre.

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LFW 14' ♥

Happy Wednesday folks! Okay, I didn't exactly go to fashion week, but my cousin Rebekah did. (I wish I did.) So let me live vicariously through her and enjoy this moment until reality sinks in that I sold my soul to the corporate world. (Have I mentioned the honorary president of her school is Jimmy Choo? Yes, THE Jimmy Choo.)

So glad that my cousins also have a knack for photography, and quite enjoy it too. I recall when Rebekah got her first DSLR.. from the days of auto focus, to her shooting street style for NYLON Singapore. Definitely pushes and inspires me to start up street style photography in Vancouver again. I guess we shall see. Check out her blog for more photos!

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Coffee & Conversations ♥

I love coffee shops. If I could live in one, I probably would. (half-kidding) I finally met up with Lianna at Nelson the Seagull over the weekend, and we bonded over some avo on toast, drinks, honest conversations and Instagraming. (ok actual photography too) and might I add.. Their in-house stuff is amazing. 

Another thing I love? Raw talk. Real talk as some of you might call it. Or heart to hearts. I probably don't set enough time aside as I should to catch up with people.. (guilty), but conversations and coffee are always a favourite in my books. 

As I've grown older.. I realize the power and criticality of vulnerability for meaningful connection. Raw, open, bold conversations - stripped of judgement. Intentional and authentic. Conversations that has depth, transparency.. from a heart that genuinely wants to know another person. And I love how coffee shops creates a space for that. Perhaps it might not be the best place to some to hold some very personal conversations.. But it's my safe place. It's a place where I get to experience snippets of other peoples' lives. A place that takes me back to a child-like curiosity as I observe my surroundings. A place that brings me joy from my encounters with strangers. A place where I've had some of my most honest conversations. Thankful for days like these. Thought I'd share some photographs I snapped as well. Kinfolk worthy? Enjoy! :)

P.S For those in Vancouver, where are some of your fave coffee spots in the city?

DSC_1492n lnelson DSC_1501m DSC_1516n DSC_1508n

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