The Singapore food trail ♥

I honestly didn't know where to begin with talking about food from Singapore. I probably would've gained a thousand pounds during my trip if weren't for the constant walking and sweating in our tropical heat. I'm sure most of you know, and I can probably argue.. that if there's anything you come to Singapore for, it would be for our food. Your taste buds are definitely in for a treat.

Singaporeans.. we are so spoiled for choice when it comes to food. We're blessed with cuisines that are unique to this part of the world, and also.. fusions from the Chinese, Indian and Malay ethnic groups. My family is Peranakan, so our home-cooked meals consists of a mixture from each! We have some of the best hawker centers (regulated street food) in the South East Asia region, and as far as pricing goes, well.. you def get your money's worth. Eat your heart out and eat like royalty. 

I don't quite have specific spots I hit up when I'm back.. and I'm def no food guru, but the few that I frequent, perhaps you might want to give it a try when you're visiting my hometown! I usually like to hang in the east, so I'm either at Simpang Bedok, Bedok Block 85, or Changi Village. I'm pretty sure my cousins will argue that there are better spots for certain dishes, but they'll probably agree with the ones I have listed. Other ones I frequent when I'm in the area is the Tiong Bahru market, Chinatown, Little India, Holland V and Newton. I absolutely love how the Tiong Bahru neighborhood has transformed in the past little while, with up and coming cafes and eateries, as well as bookstores and boutiques. A nice mix of the old and new.

I'd say your best bet though, is to ask the locals and explore. When Fiona and I met up, we loved exploring areas with little cafes and dessert houses. Which is how we chanced upon one of the most delicious red velvet cakes I've ever tasted at the Artistry. And when I met up with Jessica, she brought me to Koh's Grill & Sushi Bar @ Wisma, and I had a one of a kind sushi roll. The shiok Maki. Seriously.. it was mouth-watering good. I highly recommend it. So who knows, you just might find a hidden gem of your own. And honestly.. the worst that could happen is you having a mediocre meal in Singapore.

So for those who have been to Singapore or is from there, what are some of your favorite food spots in this city-state? Oh and your favorite dishes! Please do share! I'm always looking to find new places to grab a bite when I'm in town :) P.S I wish I had better photos to share, but lugging a DSLR in this heat is no fun. Hope you guys enjoy nonetheless!


Tania said...

Wow I studied abroad in Singapore for six months and miss the food so much! Particularly the chicken rice, fresh fruit juices, and deep fried squid sticks from Old Chang Kee. Beautiful photos! Miss those hawker centers!

xo freshfizzle

Joanne said...

Your photos are great! And they look really tasty! My mouth was watering from just looking at them.
The last time I was in Singapore was years ago I don't think I was a teenager yet. So I don't remember the foods we ate. I have friends who live there and hopefully I get a chance to visit them so we can explore all the food places you suggested. They really look delicious!

amileinherheels said...


Thanks girl!! :) They are haha I missss the food SO much. Cheap and good? I'm there. You should visit soon :P Let me know if you do :D

Cindee said...

ahhh i miss the food in S'pore. Must have been nice to visit again.


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