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As some of you may already know, India is a special place for me. It was where I decided in my heart, that I needed to pursue photography one way or another. Although I haven't boarded the professional train yet, I'm continually working on my craft to eventually get there.

I've been thinking of putting a book together from my village shots for awhile now, but haven't quite gotten around to it. And well.. life kinda got in the way. (I know, no excuse!) But I was also especially picky as to how I wanted my photo book printed. When I first stumbled upon Artifact Uprising, I immediately knew I wanted to get my first photo book done by them! So completely smitten and inspired by this company. You could say it was love at first sight. Maybe a little infatuation. Coming from the digital era where we document everything on our phones and computers, it was extra special receiving this in the mail. 

Artiftact Uprising is dedicated to beautiful design, environmentally-responsible papers and authenticity in all things. And it is evident in their product. Oh have I mentioned it is made from 100% post-consumer waste recycled paper? Too cool. Although this is just a mini book for myself, I will definitely be putting together another edition with stories, quotes, and memories from the trip. Can't wait to share when it's done! Let's just say I will be making more photo books from now on. 


Jo said...

Hey Tessa! Even though we are acquainted on Instagram, I'm dropping in on your blog. I cannot believe how once I connected with some of my blog friends on Instagram, we stopped visiting each other's blogs. Lol... So while I'm having the time at home today on a stay-home Sunday, I decided to find all my instablog friends, visit their blogs and see what they are up to. So here I am!

I think you have the skills of a professional photographer. It's not about the skills per se. You always manages to capture the emotions of your subjects very well. I've not been to India before but I'm always enthralled by the street photography I see of India.

This photobook company does sound promising too. I like it that they are into the environment.

Let's not lose touch on our blogs even though we are connected on Instagram. Afterall, it was blogger which brought us together.

grace said...

The photos are GORGEOUS!!
Thank you for sharing~ I'm so inspired right now!!

amileinherheels said...

Thank you so much girl! Means a lot! :)


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