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"We learn to pass by unspeakable things and situations without ever stopping, whether it's a mother hitting her child at a Wal-Mart or a homeless person starving or freezing on the street while we're on our way to American Apparel to get a two-for-one special on t-shirts. We shouldn't just accept destruction and individual devastation as normal everyday occurrences. Only when we start to attune to what's really happening all around us can we start to transform it." - Kelly Cutrone

I first saw this on Lily's blog.. which soon became a good reminder as to why I'm doing the Sharing Hope Benefit Concert. I'm sure at one point or another, everyone has passed by that homeless person on the way to work, the mall, school.. or have seen and know someone being mistreated or helpless in a situation. And yet.. we remain a bystander, leaving them to fend for themselves. I'll admit that I've been guilty of that myself on numerous occasions.

We spend money without much thought at times. On food.. shopping.. travels.. when a small amount such as $5, is the same amount for someone else's meals for the day. A meal that is essential for their survival. And what's even more absurd is that as we continue to see this on a daily basis, we've also grown to easily accept these situations and become immune to it. Turn a blind eye, and move along. It's easier to isn't it?

However, with all that being said.. I truly believe our generation is fully capable of transforming and changing the world around us. We have the power and resources to bring light to these situations, and help serve as an encouragement to others to do so as well. It's about bringing our community together, and our willingness to move forth and act on it.

I'm not saying to go out there and donate every single cent you have to every homeless person, or every good cause. I'm just hoping that you'll at some point, help shed some light on these situations.. and realize that you too, can do your part to help. Even if it's a small part.

With all my heart, I believe if you have faith that you can accomplish something, you're very much capable of doing just that. As for me, I have been truly inspired and touched by the Dalit people in India.. and this concert is my gift to them. If I can play even a small part in creating awareness and help empower these children by giving them the opportunity for an education, it's a blessing to me. Education is the key to their freedom, and essential for breaking the cycle of poverty.

I'm very encouraged by the support of my family and friends with this upcoming benefit concert. Couldn't have done it without them, and I'm eternally grateful that they're ever so willing to be a part of this too. I think if we continue to stay motivated, and encouraged with this cause, or any good cause really; we can keep this growing movement and make it even bigger than what it already is.

So I'm inviting you guys to come join me on August 20th! Change lives, and have your life changed as well. We're richly blessed in so many ways. It's about time we become and share that blessing with others.

Concert info:

I hope to see you there! xo


Lindsay said...

Thank you for this post. It's great to know others in my generation actually do care. I remember when I was younger, I was walking around a city with my mom. She stopped and gave a homeless man money. I asked why she did that and said that he would probably buy drugs or alcohol. She responded that she is doing it out of the goodness of her heart and what he does with the money is on him. I'll always remember that and try to give what I can going forward.

amileinherheels said...

I'm glad you liked it and are encouraged by it :) Thanks for reading girl! Definitely, your mom is awesome for doing that! It's always good to give back, especially if we're fully capable of doing it, and if there are others who are less fortunate who could use our help.


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