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Can you believe it's almost August? (I can't wait till it actually is.) Where has all the time gone? But I'm excited to say.. the Benefit Concert is in a few weeks!! (Come join!) Months of planning and organizing definitely pays off. I'm also super stoked to see my Cali boys :) As some of you already know, Frank aka Ice1cube and Kevin Lien will be in town for the concert. What did I tell you about our all-star line up?

My trip is also slowly creeping up on me. We've finally gotten most of our trip schedule planned out, just need some minor finalizing. I'm glad it's in September, and that I'll be going with Fiona, Pablo and Paul. It'll be a good time of fellowship (A very much extended one), good eats, and just time to discover new places, cultures and enjoy what the rest of the world has to offer. With that being said, a lot of my friends and family members have been saying I'm so lucky to be able to travel and take time off work just for this.

I recently talked to my dad about my trip, and he mentioned how there's a huge difference between being lucky, and being blessed.. and asked which one I would rather be? Brings me to the fact that I've always envied my cousin who is fairly well off, and has the life that most women would want. However the more I thought about it.. I realized I wouldn't want to be in her shoes. You know how we're always saying so and so's so lucky.. and most of the time it's because they have things we want, or wished we had? If you ever find yourself asking that, look and count the blessings in your life. Because I for one.. would rather be blessed, than lucky. Oh how I love the random conversations I have with my dad. As I grow older.. I learn to appreciate conversations like these even more.

Back to the trip talk. Have you seen my inventory list? Haha yes you can call me crazy, but I call it being organized! Although.. I have a feeling I'll be living in my denim cut-offs, pocket tanks and flip flops most of the time. The heat will be too hot to handle! But.. I think I could all use some sun after the lack of sunshine in Vancouver this Summer. Alright I think I'll end things here. Whistler-bound this weekend. So until next time! Love, T.

P.S What do you guys have planned for the rest of the Summer? Do share! I'd love to know :)


Fiona Chian said...

going traveling with you!!!
man i loved the comment your dad said so wise! lucky vs. blessed what a question to ponder.. definitely blessed.. you are going to be seeing that mosque soon in brunei! oh man i can't wait..its almost august!!! yaaa
have fun in whistler

serenadeveryday said...

Uhm... am I missing something cause I don't know where your inventory list is. {*LOL} I feel stupid but I just had to ask to make sure.

Anyways... I'll be another (+1) to the number of people who have told you... you're so lucky to be able to travel around the world!! I need to be more assertive and just do it. I think we need/ should travel when we're young(-er). Travel the world, see what's out there and become more aware. I'm excited just thinking about you going on the trip. I'm sure you'll have amazing photos to share and stories to tell after you trip. Maybe (hopefully) you'll have time to blog while you're away. Maybe just post pictures! =D {*EEP!}

I think people who are blessed appreciate what they have more than those who are lucky. Maybe that's just me. If I could.. I would want to be blessed AND lucky! Yeah, I'm greedy. =P
But when it comes down to it, I think being blessed is better than being lucky. It's totally awesome that you and your dad have deep talks and trips together. It's been a long time since I've had a one on one with my dad. {*sigh}

<3 S.

amileinherheels said...

Yaaaaa!!!! We're ALMOST THERE :) I am so filled with excitement! Thanks! Will see you the following week <3

Joanne said...

My husband and I are going to Europe in Sept! We haven't finalized everything yet tho but hopefully within the next week or two it will be. :)

Haven't been back to Asia in a long time! I heard it's very different now. I grew up in Brunei and I've heard it's different now than it was when I left. I miss the food - kway teow and nasi lemak ohhh & kolo mee!!

Jo said...

Hi Tessa,

I got drawn to your blog reading your description about being raised in the little red dot of Singapore. I'm from there and and currently based here too though I yearn to spread my wings and travel to some places around the world. You're fortunate to be able to travel. I'm gonna try pursue all my dreams too before it gets too late.

I think the conversation with your dad sets one thinking. I would only have such conversation with my friends and not my parents. My parents are more simple folks. I agree with you about wishing and hoping you've got stuff that some other people have and thinking how lucky they are. I often get those too but I'll just try to remember that there are many others out there who might think I'm lucky and then count my blessings. Plus, there really are times when you just don't want to be in their shoes too. Though I must say, most of the people I envy are really nice, great, kind-hearted people and so I feel they're blessed too.

I'm so glad I stumbled here. =)

Becky said...

I plan to work, work, work, more this summer. :( And hopefully a trip to Myrtle Beach in south carolina near the end of the summer!
Have fun traveling!

amileinherheels said...

Wow Europe will be AMAZING :) I can't wait to travel there as well. That's definitely on my list for next year or year after. Yeah I'm pretty excited to check out Brunei as well! Ko lo mee is the best!!! The food will always get you hahaha.

Work hard, make the moolah, and travel!! :D Oooh yeah you should. Beaches are always a must in my vacations! Thanks girl, I def will!


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