A Nostalgic Summer Dream ♥

*Warning, photo heavy post! Summer is officially here. Mr.Sun came out to join us this afternoon, and what better way to embrace it then to enjoy the sun with a photoshoot? Gloria, Alyssa and I decided to spontaneously do one, and I think I'm in love with these pictures! Summer dreamin'. I edited these on my brother's Macbook, and the photos turned out really well. Expect more of these.. because I've jumped on the Apple bandwagon. I know I know, I said it was hard to use et all.. but Photoshop is just so much better on the Mac. These pictures are proof. 



Another great set of photos, I absolutely love the second picture with the guitar and that last one with your friend and the adorable puppy :)

Can't wait to see more of your photoshoots!

Unknown said...

Nice pics. I like the overexposed looks in these ones.

Que The Lights
QTL Images

Becky said...

Gorgeous photos! I love the filter on them. So nostalgic!

Lindsay said...

Great post! Your photos do look amazing! So whimsical and summery!

Label me Addict said...

hey babe! how are you?
well i got it for $286 at ION, I bought the largest size they have. But my Boyfriend wanted to surprise me and he ordered it custom made online and including personalization and shipping online it's about $300 sing dollars... so now i am expecting my second luggage bag thank god the one he has ordered for me is long handled and same color or else it would have been horrible to have two exact bags...

when are you coming over? Do you need a shopping pal?

cryskay said...

looks & sounds like the absolute perfect summer afternoon! xx

Selena said...

Awwwe we got sun here for less than a week, then it was typical Vancouver weather for a couple days. Some people blame me for bringing it here.

I'm surprised you haven't played around with a MAC more for your photos!

Becky said...

Love these photos! Very dream like and very summery :) So much floral too! Cute!

amileinherheels said...

Thanks!! It's always a good time when I have photoshoots :)

@Xay B.
Thank you!

Thanks girl!


@Label me addict
Wow babe that is mad ex.. I'll prob get it at the duty free then or in Europe! I'm coming on Sept 15th! And a shopping pal is always good ;)

Definitely was! Although I could use more sun... Vancouver's weather hasn't been too nice :(

Hahaha awww!!! It's ok we have rainy weather right now.. Not an ideal Summer :( Given up hope on sunny weather here. Saving it for Asia!

Unknown said...

Lovely photos! Cute puppy ^^

amileinherheels said...

Thanks :)

Sofia Silva said...

aww you look lovely on all the pictures! but the one with the puppie is by far my favorite :)

you have such a cute blog, it's nice to see blogs with pictures that people actually took of friends and life :D instead of collecting pictures from tumblr like most people do =.=
Very nice, i'm keeping my eye on it!

love * Sofia

Dongaala said...

Picture perfect! <3


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