Knit away a little secret ♥

This is my favourite accessory this season. Knitted infinity/circle scarves. Hand-made ones to be exact. There's just something about it. Maybe it's the warmth it gives, or the chunky knit detailing. I love it all. And now I want them in other colours! Oh the shopaholic in me.. The knit scarf above is from Brayn Child. Definitely check it out. The guy behind it is quite genius. Thanks again Calvin for introducing me to the brand! I absolutely love it. The picture below is me sporting another circle scarf. I'll let you guys in on a little secret. UBC has some of the nicest circle scarfs out there. And.. they only range from about $15-25! (Reasonably priced if you ask me. H&M has them for about $30, and the quality isn't exactly that great.) Unfortunately they're not always there as it depends on when the booths are open at the SUB (Student Union Building). But hey, if you're there and want one, hit UBC up. Who would've thought I'd be doing some shopping up at UBC?

So what's your favourite accesory this season? Or for the upcoming seasons ahead?


Unknown said...

wooot i got mentioned in your blog! i feel so specialllllzzzz HAHAHA scarf looks good on you! glad you like it!

Selena said...

I used to love buying earrings at Langara when they had booths selling them there =)

Unfortunately, an infinity/circle scarf would emphasize my somewhat lumpy neck lol (trying to use serums to rid of the lines lately).

I love how it looks with the necklace though. I'm looking for a cute plain yellow-golden cross right now.

Mana said...

Hmm let's see, I would have to say my nails, if they count LOL if they don't I don't have a fav accessory yet but that always gives me the excuse to hunt for one right? hee hee

Oh a lil side note, I can't wait for spring to really and finally hit vancity! Someone told me that today was suppose to be the first day or spring and honestly, it wasn't bad at all! Let's hope mummy nature keeps this up so we can all deck out in dresses and shorts soon!

amileinherheels said...

Of courseee :) & Thanks :D

Mmm I loooove rings + earrings!! I tend to keep it simple these days with the earrings though. What?? You do NOT have a lumpy neck.. don't know what you're talking about girl!! & Thanks :D

LOL pretty nails are def an accessory ;) I defs can't wait either!! Time to bring out the florals. And it'll be an epic photo time. Cherrrry blossoms <3

Selena said...

I do, my grandma was so concerned, she convinced my mom to take me to get my neck checked for cancers or anything. *Rolls eyes* Same grandma who convinced my mom to hit me when I was a baby to see if I'd cry, cuz she thought I was deaf cuz I was pretty quiet.

amileinherheels said...

:S I'm sure it's nothing! LOL your grandma is so funny. Sounds like mine


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