His Say: I hate shopping - with women

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Read this article in ELLE Singapore earlier, and thought I'd share with the guys. Funny read. And rather true to say the least. Maybe I'll post Her Say tomorrow. Written by Kenneth Tan 

I love to shop. I have no qualms about heading to a mall and spending a few hours trying on stuff before making a few purchases. New clothes to wear, sparkling new gadgets to play with; what's there not to like about shopping? So when you hear men say they hate shopping, what we're really saying is: We hate shopping with women. The difference between the way men and women shop is the very same difference between murder and manslaughter - it's all about intent. When we shop we do so with a view to purchasing something. It's not true that we don't window-shop; but we browse a specific range of items. Women, however, will look at everything... And most of the time, end up buying nothing.

Fact is, 80 per cent of consumers are women. But what they buy can seem so random. I once accompanied a friend to buy a "cocktail dress for a wedding", only for her to head home three hours later - with beachwear. It's akin to Columbus setting out to discover Asia but finding America instead.

Men follow a process of elimination when shopping. If I discount something from my search - say, black-coloured items - I will not browse racks with such items. A women on the other hand, may have declared "no black" but will thumb through racks of said items and try them.

Woman: "I love this dress! But my New Year's resolution is not to buy any more black stuff."
Man: "Then don't buy it."
Woman: "But its so nice. And they only have this in black."
Man: "Buy it then."
Woman: "But you know I have so many black clothes already..."

This will carry on for at least five minutes, or until we excuse ourselves to huddle with the other men at the seats by the shoe section. Our presence wouldn't have mattered. Women don't actually need men to persuade them one way or another; whatever we say doesn't matter. Their decision-making process is an internal monologue in which they resolve a dilemma that shouldn't have arisen in the first place. Eventually, they'll buy the item. Or not - in which case, they'll repeat the process in another store. This also explains the dozens of shoes and clothes they buy, and never wear.

It's frustrating to men because it just isn't logical. Shopping should be a linear process. We filter and focus, and if any research needs to be done, it's not done at the store wasting time with clueless staff - but in the comfort of our homes on the Internet. Preferably with a beer in hand. When we have something that matches what we want, then it's a matter of trying it out, if possible. If we shop by ourselves or with other men, we're in and out with the purchase in 10 minutes flat.

To their credit, none of the women I've dated have ever insisted that I pick up their shopping tab. Either they're ELLE readers or I'm incredibly dense. And if it's true that time is money, I should own a bungalow at Sentosa Cove by now. Yet, men can't live without women - and that's why, despite all the whining, the pleading and then the crying, we still go shopping with you. After all, women are beautiful, sensitive, lovable, generous souls.


Krafty said...

this is such an interesting blog entry... im curious to see the other part to this topic XD
cuz i think overall this may relate back to the psychology of the mind and the unconscious decisions made by the individual... XD

Selena said...

Haha I love the last bit of that article.

This is why I like to shop by myself though. I know I'm indecisive, not only when shopping but in general. I don't want to leash along a grumpy waste of space behind me lol

Sindy said...

lol. The way that Kenneth Tan explained how women are wired in connection to the way that they shop is so true. haha. (=

I also loved how he said that "after all, women are beautiful, sensitive, lovable, generous souls". That, afterall, is also true for most women.

Great article!

Jen said...

Hahah I love this and definitely saw myself (and all of the guy friends who I have ever shopped with) in it. Lucky for me my boyfriend is better than most when it comes to shopping. Please post the Her Say version! :)


Commander JerBear said...

I've had that exact conversation before...

amileinherheels said...

Haha I'll post the other part soon.

Same :) It's such a sweet ending hehe. Yeah I like shopping alone too. I basically.. shop like a guy. In the store and out in 10 mins. Works for me!

SO true right?! Loved this article. and yes, nice way to end the article that way. Gets the ladies ;)

Awww now that's a good bf :) I def will post it sooon!!

LOL not with me right? Cus I do not shop like that hahaha. Ok maybe sometimes...

aaronshlo said...

That woman in the dialogue example sounds like you. :D

amileinherheels said...

@ Aaron

HAHAHAH. No! Ok sometimes. And only to you LOL

grace said...

ahahaha that's so true!
I always go to the mall with something in mind, but end up coming out with something different.

Kevin Charisma said...

I thought you wrote this because you didn't use any quotations or anything... but I quickly realized that you didn't write it after I read this line: "It's akin to Columbus setting out to discover Asia but finding America instead." - In NO WAY would Tessa ever write or even think of writing that.


amileinherheels said...

I do that too sometimes! Haha oh girls + shopping...Most of us are easily distracted by something else we see when we shop!

LOL Kev it CLEARLY states.. written by Kenneth Tan at the beginning. You don't read!!! Hahaha. AND HEY. I could so say that.. I'm smart, yanno. Hahahaha

cryskay said...

that article is so true!!! thanks for sharing. men will never get it. xx

amileinherheels said...

Np girl :)! And yes they won't :P

aeshcame said...

Girls are girls, this is just how we do our shopping..good article.. I know how men dread shopping with us..huahuahua..but they will have to just live with it..


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