Go bananas for Fashion ♥

So.. I finally had a day off. 10 days straight, and one day off in between. Sort of brutal. Feels good to be able to take a break from everything and just sleep in and enjoy the day! My grandma is actually over in Vancouver for a few weeks for a short vacation, so I've been trying to learn a few of our family's recipes. Today Gabrielle and I started off by learning Jemput Jemput (Banana Fritters). So easy to make. And SO good. I kid you not. If you're nice I'll make some for you ;)

We decided to do a mini outfit shoot and see what outfits I could come up with, with what she had brought, as well as items from my personal closet. So these are the 3 looks. Comfort in style! Oh, and my brother decided to crash - because he's vain like that.

Look #1: I wanted to go for something a little more on the girly side, but stay comfortable and edgy as well. Girly grunge? You be the judge. I love the contrast of feminine and masculine pieces. Adds a little interest to it don't you think?

Look #2: Cargo Jeggings and a classic black blazer? Win. A pop of colour and a circle scarf seals the outfit. Not forgetting those awesome Sperry boater shoes (It'll definitely be a staple shoe for my trip in Sept! Super comfy!!)

Look #3: Military is one of my favourite styles. (Combat boots.. Jackets, you name it.) Harem pants + belted and my Mango sling purse? Love. (My brother decided to jump in on these shots.)

One of the best days I've had in awhile. Food & Fashion in one day? Who would complain :) I hope the rest of you guys' week started off well! xox


Annching said...

Cute! I love the top, pant, and necklace combo.

Food and fashion, always the way to go. :)

Commander JerBear said...

I could do without the latter. Food and sweatpants ftw! That's the story of MY life.

Selena said...

Awwe the vid is super cute Tessa^^

I love that yellow watch, as far as I can tell lol is it even a watch or a bracelet?

It's cool your brother can share your interest haha

Unknown said...

Great pics! :) Your flower ring is super cute! You seem to have really nice blog. I've been to Singapore in 2009 and to Canada in 2004. :)


P.S. Joined ur followers! :-)

cryskay said...

is that you jumping? that is amazing!!! lol i love the floral bustier top.

so many gorgeous pieces of jewelry, i want them all!

amileinherheels said...

Thanks girl! & definitely ;)

And that's why you're still single. HAHA I kid I kid <3

Thanks!! I like it too :) I wish I had a DSLR with video to experiment. Maybe I'll bug Chris to film a short video haha. Yeah my brother is even more vain than I am.. believe it or not! Oh and that's a bracelet btw!

Thanks!! Oh nice! These are two places I hold close to my heart. & Thank you for following :)

Nope hahaha. I'm usually behind the lens because no one can take pictures for me :( And thanks! That top is from Aritzia.

Danielle's Blog said...

i'll shoot pics for u!

amileinherheels said...

We should do one together ;) I'll take for you you for me!

marianna said...

i love your rings! would you mind sharing where you purchased them? :)

amileinherheels said...

Thanks girl! :) They're actually mainly from ALDO! Only one or two of them are from the states, but definitely hit up ALDO. Some of my fav places to shop at for rings in Vancouver would be at f21, H&M, Aldo, Front & Co. (Main street area), and a few stores in Gastown. Any type of rings that you're specifically looking for?

marianna said...

Awesome, thanks a bunch! :) and not really anything specific, just loving your collection, looks very vintage-y!


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