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Day 8
. 3 turn ons. I think we've been down this road before.. but I shall blog about it again :)

1. Nothing is more attractive than a guy who is a gentleman. I'm not saying open the doors, pay for meals (You'll have to fight me for the bill :P) or pull my seat out every single time, but it definitely is a nice gesture you could do every so often :)
2. Guys who are strong in their faith. Nuff' said.
3. Guys who do dishes! No joke. Or cook. Doesn't have to be a pro chef at it, but it's cool if a guy knows how to make a good meal.

Even though we're only limited to 3.. I'm going to add a few more! Another
huge turn on is when a guy is respectful towards his family, and friends. I'd like a considerate boyfriend. Who doesn't, right? Also, a guy who is confident. Note: Confident, not cocky. There's a line. A final turn on I'm going to add is if a guy loves the arts and travelling. AND is as keen as I am with it. (Hello photographers! Haha just kidding. Or am I?) Since a young age, I've always been involved in the arts. Mainly painting and drawing.. but also fashion as of late. I'm fascinated by different cultures, cities and music. It's something that constantly keeps me inspired, and challenges me on a creative level. I'd eventually want to be with someone that does that as well. Someone who challenges me. Someone who teaches and introduces me to new things, and shows me the world.


aaronshlo said...

Your schooling totally fits your interests! I was impressed with your analysis of the costumes in The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe! :)

Selena said...

I've been paying attention to this for the past couple years: when guys take the further seat at a restaurant. I don't like when a guy takes the closer seat first. I see it as a tiny indication of being self-absorbed.

Sadly, I've only experienced one guy taking the further seat for me the past couple years.

I think it's such a tiny little gesture of gentleman-ness.

Froso M. said...

You are so damn right! I also fall for guys that read serious literature or are involved with music!

Froso from Style Nirvana

amileinherheels said...


Aw thanks homeslice :)


Hmm I never ever thought about it that way! I shall now haha.


Definitely girl :)


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