The old, revisited ♥





Just pulled these old shots from the archives. Let me know what you think! Been wanting to shoot lately.. but I'm waiting for my new lens to get back on board with it. Can't wait!! Been looking through old files instead to re-edit some shots that I really liked.


illPanda said...

Wow incredible shots! I love how they're so simple but so unique at the same time. Thanks for your comment on my page and it's pretty awesome how you just stumbled across there hahah. Do you have an external flash or do you use your internal? Cause my flash keeps flickering and it gets really annoying...and I'm afraid that its more than just 'that the flash is charging up' :( Your blog is definitely a great one to follow! :)



Unknown said...

i love that last picture!!!! did you actually know those guys in the background?!?!? haha!

i am going to get a dslr this christmas as a present for myself! i just feel like in the long run, i would save money taking photos of my new items rather than hiring someone each time. hopefully i can learn from pros like you! :P

Anonymous said...

Love b/w look great!

amileinherheels said...


Hahaha nope we didn't :P We just asked them if they wanted to be in the pics! Yesssssss get one! We can go shooot :D You could've asked me! I would've loved to do it for you for free!

Thanks girl :) Hahaha that's not me btw :P


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