Brrr it's cold in here ♥

Welcome winter. It was freezing today. Excuse to get some awesome winter gear? I think so! Too bad I've spent quite a bit of money on a new lens.. Expect some awesome shots soon. Times like these I wished I was cozied up in a cabin somewhere, with endless snowfall, a good book, some hot chocolate.. and great company. Now doesn't that sound relaxing? Sounds like my perfect Christmas. With that being said, I'm thankful for these things today. Day 21. Let's go.

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1. Snow. Even though commuting can be quite a pain, and people are so damn impatient when it comes to transiting, I love fresh snowfall.
2. Good samaritans. All bus services were not running at SFU due to snowfall, and students who drove, gave others a ride down as most of them were walking down the mountains.
3. Hot chocolate. On a day like this.
4. My mom's emails. They're pretty funny.
5. My grandmother's trip down to Vancouver this spring! Can't wait to see her, and spend time with her and my aunt + twins!! It's going to be a fam jam.
6. Mittens. I'm thinking of getting new ones..
7. Causes like the blanket drive. I believe that we should all try and give back somehow to those in need.
8. Credit cards. So I can shop online!
9. Friends that keep me accountable so I have a proper sleeping routine. Y'all know who you are. Still a working progress though! :)
10. People who shovel their sidewalks.

& now for the other challenge.. Day 6. Five people who mean a lot to me. Hmm I think I'd have to say 5 groups instead of people.

1. My parents. Can't thank them enough for everything they've done. We've had our ups and downs, but ultimately, family is always first.
2. My grandparents. For raising me all these years. For all those endless memories and love. I've had a fond childhood thanks to them.
3. My "Shadrach, Meschach, and Abednego" friends. Aka Jerbear & ALo. Y'all are awesome. Nuff' said.
4. BHLC Family! Wow where do I begin? So grateful for everything you guys have done for me in the past years. Mad love.
5. My extended family. Even though we're miles apart.. we always remain close. Always missing you guys! Can't wait for a family reunion.

P.S To a reader who chose to remain anonymous. I've said it before. All the pictures I didn't take (Most of them on my blog are usually the ones I do. I try and keep it that way.) are via


Selena said...

I loooove that SFU drivers did that :D

I totally want a nice warm wooly winter coat, but I think I will focus all of my energies into getting a new camera - finally!!

Your mom emails you!? That's so awesome lol

I want me a pair of cute half mitts half ...derr 1/2 fingerling thingies, what are they called?

There's a sock drive going on at my school right now if ya wanted to conribute ;)

amileinherheels said...

Mmhmm! Heard from Gloria and a few other friends that they did that :)

YES get a cam. I can then see more pics on your blog :P

Haha yeah she did. Regarding my resume and stuff. And she's like thank your mom at the end. I was like LOL ok. Cus she was helping me with proof reading.

Mittens? I'm not sure actually.. I wanna get these leopard print ones. SO cuteeeeeee. OOh sock drive? I barely have any socks tbh hahaha

J said...

Yay for snow :D said...

ohhhh it warms my heart and makes me look forward to the snoww. i just keep picture hot chocolate by the firstplace!!

beautifiul pictures. even though you didn't take it , it stil takes good eyes to pick them out ;)

amileinherheels said...
Is it snowing over there yet? It's sooo cold here... And awww thanks for your kind words babe <3


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