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I haven't taken pictures.. in what seems like a very long while. I kinda miss it. I really do miss it. I miss capturing moments that lasts a lifetime, and allows me to go back to when that picture was taken, and re live the moment. Thinking of purchasing a new lens asap, so I can start bringing around my camera everywhere. And also because that lens is amazing. Other than my awesome friends being my models, I haven't been too inspired to shoot.

I think I'm stuck in a photography rut. I miss being able to travel and take pictures, see the world and what it has to offer, you know? It's about time I get back into it. I know 2011 will be a year of endless captures, from trips, photoshoots and beautiful moments. Now to start saving up..

Moving on to today's challenges..

Day 5 – Six things you wish you could change or wish you’d never done

1. I wish I spent more time with my grandfather before his passing. He was a man that I truly respected. I miss him everyday, and I think he knows that. I guess I was too young then, and I took things for granted. He's someone I hold very dear to my heart.
2. I wish I never gave you that many chances. Even though I was warned by everyone.. I always gave you the benefit of the doubt. You truly don't deserve it.
3. I wish I kept in touch with you all these years. I get that things change, and we both went our separate ways, but it's just sad to think that you were once everything I knew.
4. I wish I got to know my grandmother (from my dad's side) better. There is sort of a language barrier, but I could've put in more effort. There's still time to change that though.
5. I wish I never gave up on competitive swimming. Even though it was quite an intensive routine.
6. I wish I wasn't so hard-headed sometimes.

Day 21 of the Thanksgiving Challenge:

1. Surprising change in weather. The day started off pretty gloomy.. and it was sunny after! Great way to start my day. With sunshine!
2. Forgiveness. That I'm able to find it within me to forgive someone.
3. My parents constant support with my photography, and all things art/design related.
4. My parents dedication to their church, and having such big hearts to support however they can.
5. Christmas! It's not here yet, but I enjoy the spirit of giving!
6. Christmas songs. It's time to bring those out :)
7. The challenges that comes with relationships. Can be a bit of a struggle sometimes, but it is what makes it stronger.
8. Being Singaporean. I love that city, and whatever happens, it'll always be my first home.
9. A stack of movie tickets my mom leaves for us. Free movies! Woot.
10. Mini surprises from awesome friends of mine!


kimberly said...

me, you and wongerrr need to go take photos :)

Selena said...

Haha SUNshine!? It's SNOWing now :D
Maybe a winter photoshoot with a model in the snow might get you out of that rut =)

I love the Christmas lights starting to show up around town.

amileinherheels said...

When you're back <3 A few away!!!

Hahaha that was the other day :P Yeah that might ;) I can't wait.. Singapore has it all up.

The Sydney Girl said...

i hope you get some inspiration to start taking lots of photos again!

Good luck with saving. that's something i need to really do right now.


amileinherheels said...


Definitely. Haha I so need to save up right now.. Especially with Christmas around the corner.


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