Gratitude Challenge Day 6 & 7 ♥

Day #6 & 7 of what I'm thankful for:
1. Kevin's ideas that eventually leads into something epic :)
2. Food places that open late. So I can go for a food run.
3. Friendships. New friendships especially.
4. My pastor, who always encourages me to strive for the best, and seeing eye to eye on things!
5. My drawing ability. It helps me convey messages on point, and directly.
6. A heater in my room! It's getting way too cold.
7. My dad always helping out whenever he can. And nagging me.
8. People who have such big hearts for a good cause.
9. Genia's notes!! Her notes make my studying a whole lot easier.
10. Mirrors LOL. I don't know what I'd do without them.
11. For family that live close by. I love that my cousins/aunt/uncle live like a 3 minute drive away!
12. Friends who are ever so willing to jump on board ideas I have, and help out any way they can.
13. Leftovers.
14. Christian movies. Always a great message behind it.
15. Late night drives. I love being able to enjoy the city without any traffic. And oh, the beautiful city lights.
16. Second languages. Being multi-lingual pays off! 4 languages. Booyah.
17. Books that I receive from my parents. Always a great read. And inspiring.
18. My nephews who call me to talk :) They're so cute!! They're twins too.
19. Email. It's like a virtual letter!
20. Long distance phone calls. So I'm able to call back home whenever I want :)



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