Gratitude Challenge Day 5 ♥

Day #5 of what I'm thankful for:
1. Shopping trips with awesome friends! (Fiona, Paul, Pablo)
2. Free concerts in downtown. Pretty cool atmosphere.
3. Singaporean movies. They always make me feel at home.
4. Wendy's Bacon Mushroom Melt. SO good. Right, Paul?
5. Sunny, cold days during fall. A little chilly, but it's still nice.
6. Hockey! I haven't been watching it lately, but I'll def make time soon. Go Canucks go!!
7. Alarms. I wouldn't be able to wake up if weren't for it.
8. Transit. I'm always comparing it to Singapore's.. but our transit is pretty good. Gets me to downtown fast!
9. Fashion. I might not like what the industry can sometimes be like, but nonetheless, I love and have appreciation for the culture of fashion.
10. Fiona's car seats that heat up LOL. It's my first time experiencing it.. and it is awesome. Keeps me warm!



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