Dream Day + Gratitude Challenge Day 8 ♥

So I decided to start another challenge.. (I know I'm not even done the 30 day one lol.) with Adrian! Basically we would have a topic in common, suggested by either one of us, and see how we'd compare in terms of what we'd write. Today's is Dream Day. If you could spend the day anywhere in the world, what you'd do, and who you'd take.

If you know me well, you'd know that I absolutely love the beach. One of my favourite beaches would have to be in Australia. This is what I woke up to, everyday when I was back there. Honestly, I'd be more than content just spending the day by the beach, walking, chilling out, with someone I enjoy spending time with. I'm pretty simplistic when it comes to stuff like that. Ooh.. Jet Skis are fun as well. Basically, I love anything to do with the beach, and water sports! Ok moving on to what I'm thankful for...

Day 8 of what I'm thankful for:

1. Having lunch outdoors. On the Art Gallery steps to be specific :)
2. Having a pair of comfy shoes. I don't want to walk through Vancouver barefoot.
3. Advil. Those days when I don't feel well.. It helps out so much.
4. Korean Music! Haha I don't exactly understand it all.. But I love it nonetheless. Woo Taeyang!
5. My friends being able to make time to hang out during the day.
6. White-Out. I make way too many mistakes on paper sometimes.
7. Perfume. People tell me I smell nice hahaha.
8. Walks on the beach. One of my favourite things to do. Ever.
9. The bible! There's so much more for me to learn, and read about His word.
10. Nail polish. My nails feel kind of bare without them.


C. said...

I miss Australia everyday, and I especially miss the beaches :(

Selena said...

I looove that first photo you posted =)

Doesn't having lunch on the Art Gallery steps make you think of Gossip Girl lol

My cousin Vivian has a picture of Taeyang on her wall. It creeps me out because his badboy-looking eyes follow you wherever you go lol

amileinherheels said...

I know what you mean! The beaches are too beautiful for words :)

Thanks hehe. I love it too. AND YES that was what I was thinking about when I had lunch there haha. LOL he's so hot though!!


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