You better make it count ♥

I know it's hard on a rainy day
You wanna shut the world out
And just be left alone
Don't run out on your faith
Sometimes that mountain you've been climbing
Is just a grain of sand
What you've been out there searching for forever,
Is in your hands
When you figure out love is all that matters, after all
It sure makes everything else
Seem so small

A friend asked if I wanted to go to the Carrie Underwood concert coming up in November, but I wasn't too keen at first. I decided to look up her songs, and found this one. I think it quite possibly changed my mind. It's amazing how the lyrics can speak in such a powerful way. It truly is inspiring. Another reason as to why I like Carrie Underwood, is her strong faith. I'm glad to see that some artists haven't lost that just yet. Anyways, this song has inspired me to take more inspiring pictures. Pictures that speak. That send a message. I don't know how exactly I'm going to go about with that just yet, but I know I need to get out of this city to do that. Anyone up for an adventure?


Danielle's Blog said...

coool did u take this photo?

amileinherheels said...

Nope. I want to take more pictures like these though :) This was via

They have inspiring pictures!

Selena said...

Awwe I like those lyrics, especially since I've been away from bhlc for so long =(

I'm up for an adventure! like, mid September onward, poopie.

amileinherheels said...

Yeah it's a great song! :) And I'm glad I saw you today. But you left early!!! Lunch next time :)

Hey would you be up for a trip.. in December?? said...

thats really cute cant wait to see the pictures.

thanks for your lovely comment
i think i should be on a lil shopping ban too. but the sales are too juicy!
hope you visit soon:)


amileinherheels said...
I'll def post them up soon :)

Haha I know eh??? I'm going shopping tomorrow.. SO much for not shopping!!! Horrible :(

J said...

I love this song!!


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