Vancouver, in Style ♥



On Florence (Left): Wilfred Tank from Artizia, White Tailored Jeans and Cardigan Styled Vest from Guess, Necklace from Vintage Store in Victoria, Shades from Zara, Shoes from Aldo.

On Eva (Right): Urban Outfitters top, Jeans from William Rast, Shoes from Bebe, Bag from BCBG, and accessories from H&M.

Who said Vancouver doesn't have style?! You just have to look. (Although I'll have to admit the whole "Westcoast" lifestyle does not help with looking like a bum at times.) I think I'll be doing more of these in the near future. Haven't been blogging that much lately. But I'm excited (and most happy) to say that I'm done with semester 2, and I'm on to #3. Oh and have I mentioned that Carlie Wong is one of my instructors?! Yes Carlie Wong from Project Runway Canada!!! Love her, she does some pretty amazing work.


Unknown said...

woooo! that's right, vancouvers got style! :D so exciting that you'll have Carlie Wong as one of your instructors!

amileinherheels said...

Yes and one of those people is you, and your fab store ;) Can't wait till the launch!!!! And yeah I'm super stoked! Been a fan of her collections for awhile now :)

Selena said...

That is so awesome you get a celebrity to teach you her secrets!!^^

I love that the outfits aren't from uberly expensive stores.

I also really love the laughing photo. I agree that you should do more of these!!

amileinherheels said...

Yeah I'm excited :) And same here. Keep the lookout for more of these!!!

Katy said...

Love your pics babe! You need to teach me how to shoot! =P

Sharon Lei said...

Fab pictures and the ladies look great! I especially love Florence's look. :)

xx Love & Aloha
**Swing by, I have a little giveaway going on!

amileinherheels said...

Thanks!! I def will :) Let me know!! xx

Thanks for stopping by :) I shall check your blog out!

They're awesome :) I'll def swing by your blog!! xx

nicole said...

love the photos! great style on both girls. the stark contrast of white jeans with black strappy shoes. that messy top knot with that patterned top. I agree, Vancouver does have style, you just have to look. My only beef with Vancouverites is how their idea of "dressy" is a dark pair of jeans lol, c'mon people, a little more effort wouldn't hurt!

and that's awesome that you have Carlie as one of your instructors! she was awesome on Project Runway, I loved her work.

amileinherheels said...

@ Nicole
Thanks!! :) Haha yeah these two ladies are some of the best dressed I know! And yes.. dark wash jeans does not count as dressy. I wish we had more edge like NYC.. or more fashion bloggers like you, Vanessa, and Lily around Vancouver! Yeah I met her last week, she's amazing :)

marlee said...

your page is soo cute =]
&& you and your friend are looking fabulous, who says Vancouver doesn't have style? You guys def do =]

amileinherheels said...

Thanks!!!! <3


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