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I'm finally done with finals, and I have to say, it's a definite good feeling. I also had a styling final exam last week, and I had to pull two looks. Much thanks to Vanessa for being my model. She was a stunner, and the looks both worked out wonderfully. It was a good experience to be able to work with a photographer (other than myself and my photographer friends), and not forgetting my styling instructor, Tyler! Amongst all the written finals, it was fun to be able to express our individual style via a photoshoot.

Speaking of style, how do you define your personal style? I personally don't think I have a definite style per se. If you take a look at my wardrobe, you'd find a variety of brands. Some heard and unheard of. Some of my favorite pieces are actually flea market finds from Singapore! $10 dresses, who could resist! Some days I feel super girly, and I'll throw on a dress and rock those 5 inch heels. (With flats in my bag of course!) Whereas other days, you can find me in boyfriend jeans, a cardigan and some flipflops. I believe with whatever you wear, just learn to rock it. Be fabulous and confident and it'll show, regardless of what you're wearing. I think the most important thing is to create your own individual style. Be original. Just be yourself. As quoted by Anna Wintour: " I'm not interested in the girl who walks into my office in a head-to-toe label look that's straight off the runway. I'm interested in a girl who puts herself together in an original, independent way." I couldn't agree more.


Alby said...

hiiii =) i found your blog & i was hoping you could check out mine as well! feel free to become a follower & comment if you'd like. :) have a great day! xoxo

Unknown said...

i'm the same.. i dont think i have just ONE style. I remember many years ago, someone commented on that and said they couldn't figure out my style b/c one day i look like a girly girl, the next day i look like a surfer girl, the next day a b-girl haha! ;D I just like whatever is comfortable... more often than not, i'm a tshirt and jeans kinda girl (which i guess makes sense for my business ;)

YES YES YES to coffee please :D When are you free?

C. said...

Those shots of Vanessa are gorgeous. You're really talented.

amileinherheels said...

For sure! Thanks for coming by :)

LOL B-Girl?! I'd love to see that hahaha :P You look good in jeans and a tee though ;) I'm such a dress/romper/jumper girl lately. It's easy and on the go. I'll fb msg you about coffee!! I'm free Mon/Tues and weekends :) xox

Thank you so much! I really appreciate it :)


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