All I've got are these photographs ♥


Been going through old piles of photographs recently.. and I found this. This is a picture of my great-grandfather. (Oh he was so suave back then.) It's amazing how photographs can tell a story, and show us so much history. Don't get me started on the fashion. I actually think it's pretty amazing.. other than the few fashion faux pas here and there. If only my grandmother and mum kept all their clothes and jewelry they had from back then.. It would be vintage heaven for me.

(My grandmother and my mum)

These old photographs - to me, are such an inspiration. I love listening to the stories behind them, and just learning things about my family that I never knew. Also, looking back at the fashion .. I'd have to say, it's pretty fascinating. I've grown to appreciate it, and love it. Sometimes I wished I lived in that era, or was there for a day to experience it. I think we all need a little reminder from the past to appreciate what we have.

P.S I think I'm just afraid of putting my heart out there entirely, for you.

P.P.S Super stoked for a Fashion Show that I'm fortunate enough to attend this week!! Will be posting pictures. Keep a look out for them :)


nicole said...

These are beautiful, I love looking through old photos of my family, they have some much character because of the time it took to take pictures and develop them back in the day. Those moments aren't as "instant" as the ones we capture these days, so I always have a certain amount of appreciation for them.

thanks for your comment dear! I saw the photos you took for Vanessa on her blog, and I have to say, you did an awesome job. New West is my old hood, so it was good to see it in photos, that place has a lot of neat areas for photo shoots.

I wonder if you're going to the same fashion show that I am this week.

amileinherheels said...

Yeah I definitely have appreciation for these old photographs! They're kind of like a piece of artwork in their own way. And thanks :) Oh that's awesome, I love New west! Great location for shoots.. and def alot of cool vintage stores!

Melissa said...

These pictures are amazing! I honestly love looking at old photos because they really do tell such stories.
While i'm a self admitted picture addict... our generation takes so many pictures they don't have as much meaning behind them.

And your family had such great style!


Katy said...

I love looking at old black and white photos too. It's hard to imagine that they lived their lives in color too.

Your pics are amazing.. I agree, the style is beautiful!

amileinherheels said...

@ Melissa

Thanks love! I'll try and upload more :) Definitely will have to agree with you there. Their stories capture much more than a moment, and have so much meaning behind them. I love that they're black and white. We rarely take pictures like that these days.


Thanks!! Now if only they kept all that jewelry and clothes for me :(

Anonymous said...

-beautiful pictures,
great blog,
havea great day(:

amileinherheels said...


Thanks!! xx

marlee said...

your grandmother is stylin =] I love her printed frock ! && i love that rihanna song <3

aliciafashionista said...

I absolutely love old photographs, thank you so much for sharing these! I recently did a post with old photos of my family too...they are such an inspiration!!!

amileinherheels said...

She was definitely a stylish one :) Funny story.. I called her after I found those pictures and asked her what happened to her being all dolled up and pretty? She sighed and was like.. you guys came along. Haha

Np girl! I love it too :) It kinda makes me want to go back to film.. Def a huge inspiration!

Dina's Days said...

Oh nothing is better than digging through old photos. The picture of your great grandfather is just awesome.

amileinherheels said...

Thanks!! :) Yeah for sure. I get so much inspiration from them. xx


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