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I'm finally done most of my assignments, after about 4 hours of working on it. Taking a break now to blog! So I've been working on a mini project lately, amidst my very hectic schedule. Well, all I have to say is that I'm super excited about it, and since I love sharing with y`all.. here's a teaser.

More deets will be coming soon, so stay tuned! Many thanks to my lovely classmates for being sweethearts when I asked them if they were willing to partake in this! Pretty stoked of what's to come. Have a few projects lined up with some of the girls from class. Any Vancouverites, if you love fashion and want to be part of the mini project I have lined up, holla! Drop me a message or an email, and I will be sure to get back to you with details :) Alright, I better head back to studying.. duty calls. Will be at the library tomorrow after class and at Simon Fraser later in the night.. studying. Oh the life of a student. XOX


For The Fierce said...

Regarding your MAC haul -
I agree, fluidline has become my #1 favorite makeup item of all time, it's fast, smooth, no need to sharpen, no need to wait until its dry. It's just a great product that I've really been drawn to. Thanx for stopping by my page hun!


Unknown said...

ooo lala! now i'm curious about this project! teasing us with the pics and all, haha! i'm from vancouver btw :)

April Rovi said...

awesome!!! another vancouverite :) hi! thanks for dropping by my blog :)

amileinherheels said...

@ For the fierce
Yeah for sure! and Np :)

drop me an email, i'll reply u with the deets! if you're interested you should totally be part of it! :)

np!! glad to know there's quite a few awesome vancouver bloggers :)

michelle_ said...

hmmm teasing seriously makes people more curious than ever !
ohhh and i love those pumps !!

Jessica Mai : said...

YAY! I can now follow hah!
ooooh the suspense! You have brought out the Curious George within me :)
Cant wait for the reveal.
Good luck with studying. Which reminds me, I have a pile of it to tend to.

Jess Mai

amileinherheels said...

@ Michelle
hehe yup! suspense kicking in :) yeah this classmate of mine, has the most fabulous heels ever!! she definitely rocks the look!

i'm so noob.. finally figured it out! haha. yeah i'll def let you guys know about it soon ;) can't wait for the reveal. and hey you should totally be part of it as well!! i'm at sfu right now and i'm so not getting any studying done. i've been distracted by fb :/


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