Just charged on my visa..

1. Fluidline in Blacktrack 2. #209 Brush 3. Blankety Lipstick 4. Creme Cup Lipstick 5. Slimshine Lipstick in Bare

I just made a few recent purchases from M.A.C lately.. and I have to say, they are seriously all I need in terms of basics. (Besides foundation/powder of course) Fluidline goes on so smoothly, and I don't have to wait for it to dry unlike liquid liners. I have nothing bad to say about that product. It really is what it is, as stated on the M.A.C website. Ultra-smooth, and goes on "foolproof", it is also smudge-proof, and lasts throughout the day. I never ever promote a product unless I've personally tried it myself, so if you trust me.. give it a try! Also, if you're going to use fluidline, make sure you purchase the #209 brush as well. The other 3 purchases are lipsticks. If there's one thing you should know about me, is that I can never have enough lipsticks, nailpolishes, and shoes! The blankety lipstick goes really well with a smokey eye, as it comes off as a nude shade. Love it! Might not be for everyone though, but give it a try if you happen to pop by a M.A.C counter. The next one would be Creme Cup. I've contemplated getting this color for awhile, as it is very similar to some of the other shades I own, such as Angel. But it is definitely a color to have in your collection! Pink is in for spring, so bring out some shades of pink on your face! It is a very pretty color, and it gives you that sweetheart, doll-like look. Last but not least.. Bare! This is my favorite color out of all the lipsticks I've owned. It is so natural, and it's my go-to everyday lipstick. Can't go wrong with looking natural can you? What are you favorite M.A.C products? Do share ladies!


The F Word Online said...

i loveee mac lipsticks. i have at least 5 lol

xx lue

augustalolita said...

love me some mac!! love the shade that you got!!

amileinherheels said...

@ lue
same here! i think you can never go wrong with MAC.

thanks for dropping by the blog :) and yes those shades are lovely! u should try them!

Jean said...

You are sooo cute! Love the look in the sidebar pic. I thought #5 looked familiar and turns out I just bought it too (I know nada about makeup so I just randomly pick out shades while online shopping ... awful, I know). Need to try # 4 ... that looks creamy and heavenly!

amileinherheels said...


Aww thanks for the compliment! :) You are too sweet! I love that shade, it's so natural and creamy. Oh and #4 is very pretty. Def give it a try!

Chapolin Colorado Design Inc. said...

Ahha Tessa! Spending all your money on makeup! Hmmm..i've been using the same stuff for a really long time. I just bought this cream thing at london drugs. It's supposed to help make your eyelashes grow longer. I'm pretty happy because I haven't gotten an allergies and my eyelashes do seem a little longer. It was pretty pricey though..more than I ever spend on cosmetics.

amileinherheels said...

@ cheryl
i know :( it's a bad habit... that i'm not really trying to break hahaha. oh is it the one that they advertise on tv alot?


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