Procrastination 101 @ SFU

Just got back from SFU, and I have to say it has become one of my top study venues on my list. Waves just doesn't make the cut anymore. Did I mention SFU has comfy couches? and it's relatively quiet and empty at night, which I really like. I didn't manage to do much of my tearfiles/fashion merchandising review, as I was extremely distracted by the editing of the lovely pictures I took with Melanie during break today. Just gotta say.. it turned out fab! Okay, don't think I can type anymore, I gotta get some more reading done before I call it a night. On the other hand.. TGIF? And oh, I might post another teaser tomorrow! Hehe I hope you guys will love it as much as I do :)

(This is how Chris studies. He falls asleep. Haha JK!)


nana said...

your blog is very interesting :-)

Jessica Mai : said...

Im definitely the princess of procrastination!
Do you go to SFU?

-Jess Mai

amileinherheels said...

@ nana
thank you! :)

you can count me in on that haha. it's so bad though :P nope i don't actually. which is kinda ironic cus i'm always either at ubc or sfu LOL. i attend blanche macdonald currently! doing fashion merc. :) do you?

nana said...

Thanks for the cute comments on my blog :-)
You are right, makeup is way way way too addicting, and my wallet really does have a love hate relationship with me because of that XD

Katy said...

Hey girl I wanted to add your blog to my Google Reader but you don't have an RSS feed!

PS. You can use to burn one. =)

amileinherheels said...

@ nana
aw np! yeah i definitely agree with you on the love-hate relationship thing. sigh* but the love is stronger hahaha

i tried, and this is the link it gave me after..

i honestly don't know if that's the right thing, but it shows the feed! haha sorry i'm SO noob at this!!

Unknown said...

what do you take at SFU??

and yes "ttyl, its COD time" - my sister-in-law and i always make a joke that my brother and my bf cheat on us with each other! hahaha! at a designated time at night, they'll "meet" online to play.... hahaha!

Anonymous said...

hello fellow Vancouverite! I used to study at SFU all the time. it looks so pretty in your pictures. I eventually converted to waves... it's a bit less of a 'serious' study environment for me. :)


amileinherheels said...


hahaha, that is their 2nd gf/wife..practically! i know eh, when they COD.. nothing else gets in their way :( oh and i don't go to SFU :P i actually attend blanche macdonald. taking fashion merch there :) but i sadly spend waay more time at sfu & ubc rather than my own school sometimes haha.

@ Bunnie
hello back :) love your blog btw :) one of my daily reads! and thanks! yeah i agree, i actually get very very easily distracted at waves haha, because it's more of a chill studying environment.

Shauna said...

where the heck is this sfu place?! i can't believe i do not know of this place. is it the crim/health science building?

amileinherheels said...


it's at the comp sci building if i'm not mistaken. you have to pass through some offices before you get there. i reallllly like this place! thanks to chris it has become my new fav study location :)


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