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Meet Cheryl, one of my most beautiful friends, inside and out :) I've known Cheryl for ages, probably close to a decade? She is an amazing friend, very artistically talented, and shares the same passion for fashion as I do. She also happens to have a great style! Funny story: We're both originally from Singapore, but both migrated here at different times. I knew she moved to somewhere in Canada, but wasn't too sure of the exact location. Little did I know, we would both end up in the same high school! Anyways, we're embarking on a mini project together, and I honestly cannot wait! So here's the deets. We'll be collaborating with an up and coming online magazine, started by one of my other friends, Sara! It'll probably be launched in late February. (More info on that soon) We're going to write for the fashion portion of it, and possibly beauty as well. Features? Street Snaps of people who are rockin' their outfits, along with a mini Q&A session, lovely store finds, photography, DIYs, and more. It will definitely be all fashion relevant. I'm also planning to start a fashion project with my classmates, so that will be rather exciting as well. But, in the meantime, this will be my long term mini project, till after my midterms/finals. I've already got some things lined-up, and I can't wait to share with you guys!

On another note, I had a rather unfortunate encounter today. I don't know if I should post in depth about it because word gets around extremely easily, and he might possibly read my blog. Let's just say that it involved an obnoxiously annoying guy, who thinks extremely highly of himself. Bottom line is, he thinks that money can buy a girl's heart, and that branded goods are what makes a guy look hot. I could honestly care less if you drive a mercedes benz and live in a luxurious place. If you think that's what wins my heart, then you clearly don't know me at all. I hate guys like that. Yes, hate is a strong word, but that's how I happen to feel about this situation. Well sorry to burst his bubble, but I'm just not that kinda girl. I admit that I like materialistic things, and that I am fashion-concious.. but I buy my own shit thank you very much. I believe that hard work pays off, and that it's far more rewarding when you purchase something yourself after all that hard work. I mean it's nice when a guy gets you something once in awhile, on special occasions and what not, but I would far more appreciate the item if I purchased it on my own. Anyways, some of my guy friends think I'm kind of mean or snobby for being a little ignorant to that person. I'm sorry, but does it make me a bad person if I don't like someone and don't want to give them my time of day? For those who know me personally, I'm sure you'd agree that I'm a really nice person. I wouldn't just write you off because of one thing. I have had many friends in the past that have done some pretty awful things to me, and I still forgave them. It'd take quite a bit of wrong on your part, before I completely distance myself from you. Did I mention he's the overly-clingy type as well? There are many more factors that I shall not name, because it might make it obvious as to who he is. I seriously have the worst luck with guys ever. Either liking the wrong ones, or the wrong ones liking me. Can someone tell me where you can find a nice decent guy in Vancouver?


Andy Quirks said...

Oh dear,those guys can be seriously annoying! Just tell him directly that nothing can happen and if he keeps clinging, just avoid him flat out. you're not being mean honey. just trust your gut and move on. i haven't any idea on where to find decent guys in vancouver, but I'm sure you'll find the one!


The F Word Online said...

ou im drooling over that first photo. so muchhh going on there, i love it. hahaha aww i wish i was in the west coast too ! you have no idea how many vancouver blogs i read! if i ever am over there i'll let you know. i used to live in vancouver for a short period so who knows, maybe i'll be going back!

ps. i would love for you to enter my giveaway :)

xx lue

Jessica Mai : said...

I love a clear, dark star full of sparkly stars too!

Exciting plans m'dear! Good Luck & Ill definitely be reading 8)

You don't need to find a nice decent man...He will find YOU!

Jess Mai

Jessica Mai : said...


a clear dark sky* :)

amileinherheels said...

I know eh? Time to be ignorant. Relationships seem so complicated nowadays haha. And aww thanks <3

Yeah for sure, let me know if you are :) and I'll def enter your giveaway!

Thanks for always stopping by and reading :) Yeah I don't get why some people find that weird that I'm amazed by it hahaha. Oh wells, good to know I'm not the only one :P and about the guy finding me.. I've only met one guy who said that. " Don't pursue the guy, let the guy chase you. " If only more guys were like that.. :(

Chapolin Colorado Design Inc. said...

Wow, I'm so honoured to be on your blog!! Yippee!

Hmmm decent guys..I'll let you know when I find them!

Anniepop said...

I'd love to see your online magazine! And you and your friend Cheryl are both so so gorgeous :)

P.S i hate guys like that too >:|

amileinherheels said...

aww np <3 you look great on it ;) and wasn't i supposed to introduce you some ? LOL. oh wells maybe we need to move back to singapore to find them..

i'll for sure let you know when it launches :) & thank you for the lovely compliment. you're absolutely gorgeous as well!! rockin' fashion sense :)


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