한국어 영감

I hope Google translate this right. It's meant to say Korean Inspired. I've been so inspired lately by none other than.. K-Pop! (BigBang, Taeyang, 2PM, Wonder Girls etc.) Of course that's just one of the many things I've been very inspired by lately. Got a few shoots lined up, and I'm super stoked to see the creativity flow through! Well I had a little time to spare earlier.. so I took a break and did a mini shoot with my brother. Guess vanity runs in the family? The weather was not cooperating though.. but I still manage to snag a few shots.


Jessica Mai : said...

I know. What happened to the beautiful sunny weather from a week ago???
Great photos! Oh I love K-Pop too & korean drama!
aah, love it!

So, I wanna follow your blog & Ive been on here searching for the follow button that I would usually click on, in order to do so. Im a newbie. Can you tell?haha!
Tell me what a girl need to do in order to follow this wonderful blog of yours!

Jess Mai

amileinherheels said...

Hey jess!

I know eh.. sigh this horrible weather :( makes me want to stay at home all the time. and thanks :D Yeah I'm addicted to the dramas hehe. Aw thanks for the compliment! Haha to be honest.. I don't know where my follow button went :/ and I've been trying to figure it out as well! I guess the only thing to do is bookmark it till i figure it out? :P Sorry! But I'll def let you know when I do!! xox


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