I think about you in the summertime

It's not even spring yet, and I'm anticipating summer. The weather hasn't been too great as of late, and I'm missing Mr.Sunshine. It's about time he paid us a long visit. Oh wells, what can I expect? It's Vancouver we're talking about. Beach days, BBQs, biking around the seawall, bonfires, and summer sales.. I sure miss it. I unfortunately won't be able to hit up the motherland this summer, as classes are still in session for me, as well as the annual summer camp that I will be chairing this year. What are some of your favorite summer activities? For myself, it varies as to where I'm at. If I'm in Singapore, definitely wakeboarding and taking the yacht out with a bunch of friends for a little picnic on the waters. It's extremely hot over there, so it's nice to be surrounded by the waters to cool down a little. But when I'm back in Vancouver, I love to kits-beach it up! English Bay works too. Shopping on Robson Street, backyard movie nights, bonfires, blading around the seawall.. just to name a few. Pretty stoked for this summer, although it might possibly be my last one in Vancouver for awhile..

Oh and I promised you guys another teaser.. so here it is! These are just some of the shots we took, but there will definitely be more pictures, so keep a look out for them! Q&A Session included! So I was reading Michelle's blog earlier today.. and she had a blogger meet-up back in her hometown. I actually thought that was pretty cool, bringing people of similar interests together to hang out and getting to know them better. Any Vancouverites interested in doing one? It'd be nice to get the girls together sometime :)


Unknown said...

ahhh, i love summers here in vancouver! everything is just perfect! its not too hot, theres always a breeze... stanley park, robson street, love it all! (as long as i dont have to actually drive down there, that is. haha) ahhhh! come on summer!!! said...

oh i ABSOLUTELY cannot wait!!
i'm such a summerbaby.
and i miss vancouver!: (

StuddedLilly said...

hey girly, thanks for stopping by! and i miss summer too, winter needs to go away.. ;T


Aney Mei said...

I've been awaiting Summer since Winter began .. I hate the cold weather! Vancouver has always been a place I wanted to visit - it just seems so peaceful. You make it sound so tempting!! Oh, and taking a yacht out with a bunch of friends for a picnic on the waters - that sounds extremely funn. Wish I could do that ..

Katy said...

I'm sooo not anticipating summer even because I can't stand heat but I am looking forward to spring... even though I always get hay fever. There is always a catch to every season. =(

amileinherheels said...

Haha yeah I totally feel you! But I hope it doesn't get toooo hot :/
Come to Vancouver to visit for the summer!! :)

Yessssssss winter needs to go away! Although I'm pretty glad that we didn't get an extreme winter this year..

Aww you should come to Vancouver!! You'll love the Artizias here better hahaha. Okay I shall not tempt you even more :P

Oh no..=/ Yup that is true.. there is always a catch to every season. Oh and Spring = IMATS!! :)

Jessica Mai : said...

Oh I do love summer.
But I could use the time to get my body beach ready:P
Its far from ready. Ive been hibernating in sweatpants all winter & munching on potato chips...eek!

& Yes!, I think a blogger meetup would be lots of fun


Jess Mai

amileinherheels said...

That is true.. but I'm excited for spring as well and all the florals :) and yeah for sure, it'd be fun! hopefully we get to organize something sometime!

Unknown said...

yes, i DO wanna see your chinese "drawing" - it can't be better than my awesome chicken doodlez. hahaha! jk ;P

boarding for vday? thats awesome! where though? since they're already having trouble providing snow for the olympics! haha!

amileinherheels said...

LOL i shall do a writing especially for you one day! you can see how "pro" it looks.. on the wall of shame hahaha! apparently we might hit up cypress? or seymour. but to be honest i'm not too keen on the idea.. so hopefully that's not what we end up doing haha. i'm sure your vday will be awesome :) xox

michelle_ said...

i yesh i once went to vancouver in the summer ! the weather was ammaaazziinngg ! i know how much you love it ;D

amileinherheels said...


Aw you should make a trip back here :D for summer!!! :)


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