I'm at the edge of my emotions

Trouble sleeping.. what's new? I thought to myself .. okay I should probably sleep early because I have a midterm and lots to study for this week. Not to mention meetings to plan for, and photo shoots as well. Slept much earlier than I'm used to, and now I'm up at this hour.. Which totally defeats the purpose of sleeping early in the first place. Classes in a bit, and I probably won't end up sleeping till 5.. Listening to Terrified - Katherine McPee feat. Jason Reeves on repeat, and blogging instead. Sometimes I feel like I'm taking on way too much, and I set myself up for failure because of it. I tend to doubt myself from time to time (which is completely normal I guess), and question whether I can really do it. I currently feel so overwhelmed by everything that's been happening lately, and that I'm running out of time to do these things. Sometimes I just wish I had the time to breathe a little. I make time to write/blog because in some way or another, it is a stress reliever to me. I also feel like such a boring person nowadays. I would much rather stay home reading a book, or have a night in with some friends.. while most people my age are hitting up the clubs and getting wasted. I can safely say I've passed that "phase" in my life. Good or bad? I don't really know. Maybe that's why I hang out and get along with people way older than I am.

(Just felt like sticking in a picture of myself haha! Since I hardly have pictures of me on my blog. Lol yeah I know.. I'm pretty vain.)

On another note, amidst the midterms, assignments and what not.. it is also the week of the 2010 Winter Olympics. To be honest, I am not as hyped about it as everyone else is. Maybe if I didn't have classes during the Olympics, I wouldn't be as bitter lol. I think the part that I'm looking forward to the least.. is the commute to and from school. Hopefully it's not as crazy as many have said it would be. Regular mornings are bad enough. And also.. Valentine's is coming up. 2nd year in a row, spending it with all the single ladies. Referring back to previous posts about the guys in Vancouver.. as well as me not having enough time for a boy man. It really is not an excuse lol. My guy friends beg to differ.. saying that I'm looking at the wrong places, and that I will make time for a guy in my life if I really wanted to. Well maybe that is partially true.. but I have seriously given up on looking. I think it's time for them to make the first move. But being the unlucky person that I am.. the first moves are from guys I would rather be single for the rest of my life for, than date. Oh well, for now I'm pretty content being single. Oh and I stumbled upon this earlier. Pretty amazing piece of work. Thought I'd share! xox


Nathalie said...

You look so gorgeous. This picture is beautiful

amileinherheels said...


aww thanks! you are such a beauty yourself :) xox

Sharon Lei said...

Great picture.. love the hair!

xx Love & Aloha.

sara said...

do you know u have like the best and most poetic titles for your pieces and photo albums? =)) i love! =D

amileinherheels said...

aww thank you!! :) funny .. everyone likes my hair but i don't! haha! can't wait for it to grow out.

hehe thanks. you too!! you're the writer ;)

Unknown said...

i'm the same way! and i refuse to believe we're "boring" !!!! hahaha! i prefer to just stay at home with a good movie and great food.. hang out with close friends and play board games. hahaha! i guess thats why people always said i was an "old soul" ;P

about being single... its a great time! enjoy it! like you said, stop looking right? he will come once you stop looking for him :) besides, you've got a lot going for you from what i can tell... :) said...

what school do u go to? looks like a nice environment!:)

amileinherheels said...

Yes!!! Someone who's like me. We are NOT boring people! hahaha. We just found something better to spend our time with :P and about being single.. yup i will haha. once you have a boyfriend, game over! jk. that's how a guy thinks lol. yeah atm i do actually :( a little too much.
i go to blanche macdonald, and i'm in their fashion merch. program :) yeah it's fun! alot of opportunities and great people.

giang said...

aweee u're cuteeeee! it must be sooo much fun being a fashion student :)

Stephanie said...

I'm new to your blog & I loveeee it! <3

DSK Steph

p.s. you're a hottie!

amileinherheels said...

yeah it's pretty awesome! :) and thanks!! you're a cutie yourself ;)

aww thanks!! <3 well i LOVE your jewelry! they're awesome, and so are you :)


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