Nerding it out, kinda

My Saturdays have now become "studying" days. I guess that's what school does to you. However, studying doesn't always have to be such a bore, when you have the right people around! Okay, we weren't exactly studying that much per se, more like watching YouTube videos, and chatting on MSN instead. Just Kidding! Or am I? I did go through my notes for my upcoming quiz though.. So technically I did get some work done. I love this little cafe I found on Cardero Street, near the Westin Bayshore Hotel. It's called Blue Tree Cafe, and it truly serves the yummiest sandwiches, for a rather reasonable price I might add.

Anyhow, we decided to take a little stroll around the area after our "intensive" hour of education, and go on a little photography session. Not the best pictures today, but they work. We also found our favorite man to take a picture with. Isn't he such a stud?

I love this area. I miss how during the earlier years, we used to go to the Condo for a late night swim, and have movie nights with hot chocolate over looking the Stanley Park. Pretty awesome area to live in, I'd say. Not to mention, Cardero's is also right in front of it!

Okay, so outfit of the day. Wow I haven't done this in a very, very long time.

Oxford BF Shirt
| Talula
High-waisted Skirt | Wilfred
| Forever 21
Over the Knee Boots
| Urban Outfitters
| The Bay
| American Eagle
Wool Cashmere Coat
| Talula Babaton


The F Word Online said...

i used to have that jacket in black, but i lost it : ( i see too that you're an aritzia fan ;)

xx lue

amileinherheels said...

@ lue

I think over the years, i've spent waaay too much at artizia haha! but i love their stuff too much :P

Katy said...

Beautiful pics! Do you live and go to school downtown? I wish I still went to school DT... busing down there everyday from Richmond was a pain but I love the atmosphere and how everything is so close together.

amileinherheels said...

thanks katy! i don't live in downtown, wish i did so i don't have to worry about transit during the olympics! but i do attend school in downtown @ blanche. haha i know how you feel. well right now even in the mornings, it's an awful transit experience.. can't imagine when the olympics are here. and did i mention i have classes DURING the olympics? :( oh and about the boots, returned them cus they didn't have any sizes left! oh wells not meant to be i guess

StuddedLilly said...

awesome blog :)



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