You gotta know when to throw the towel in

So, it's finally the week of my birthday. Didn't seem too long ago that I had the awesome birthday surprise. I have so much to do, yet so little time. (Always seems to be that way right?) It really frustrates me especially when everything seems to collide with it. I mean even on the day itself, which is a Friday, I'm swamped. Class from 9:30-5:30, meeting a friend after, and heading to fellowship after that. I still haven't gotten my birthday outfit. (Okay, trust me it's nothing fancy lol. I'm keeping it fairly casual this year.) Haven't placed a reservation for the restaurant (Will get that done in the morning). Need to restock on my make-up, because it's literally almost done. Have to run some errands here and there. And then there's the dinner on Saturday. Pretty stoked as almost everyone is coming, and it's nice to get everyone together for something. But yeah, I think as you get older.. birthdays don't really seem to matter anymore. Partying gets kinda old, as well as the alcohol that comes along with it.

On another note, I did something completely stupid today. A few of you guys know what it was.. and to be honest, I should've seen it coming. I guess it's one of those things I can't exactly avoid. Oh wells, what's done is done.. no point raking up the past again. I hate how this seems to be an ongoing situation that always comes back and bites me in the ass, even when I said I'm over and done with it. This is probably why I won't date for awhile lol. Where are all the good guys?


Krafty said...

sounds like u have a good and exciting but tiring and go-for couple of days coming up, i think u will be fine, u can manage it, God wont let u face what u cannot bear =)

amileinherheels said...

haha thanks :)


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