And you play it coy, but it's kinda cute

(My desk atm. Can't wait to reorganize everything, and redecorate! New art pieces up, old ones down, new frames etc. My inspiration is the Trina table lamp from Urban Barn. LOVE that gorgeous piece of work)

Way too tired to really blog today, so it shall be a short one. My first day sleeping in, in a very, very long time. Finally got to catch up on all the 4 hour sleep days I've been having. Back to classes in a day, and I've got to catch up on my readings, and note-taking. Pretty much done, but I'm going to be anal about it because I want to do well. Probably will be home for the most part today, and finish up my notes. I swear I'm the most boring person these days. If it's not school, church or home, I'm at an event that I have to be at. Pretty exciting life huh? On the other hand, it's my birthday next week, and I will party if I want to. Can I have whatever I like just for that one day, and pop bottles all night? Just kidding. I would be at school for the most part, and I will be off to fellowship after.. if not .. I will get an earful from my lovely friends haha. Oh I love you guys, you know that. But with that being said, I would much rather enjoy a nice dinner at one of my favorite restaurants, buy myself a little somethin' somethin' and spend it with the boy man. No, it's not my someone special.. yet. Anyways, I'm off to bed for now. Got to catch some shut eye before the sun comes out.


The F Word Online said...

hey girl, im so glad u stumbled on my blog ! your blog is so cute. i love the photos. exchange links with me? :) would love the visits to be a regular thing

xx lue

The F Word Online said...

ps. the slouchy hooded tee is from tna :) i got it on sale though, so i dont know if they still have it.


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