Sleepless in Vancouver

Since I can't seem to fall asleep due to my odd sleeping hours, here's something I wasted my time with. I'm going to tag all the girls on my blogroll! Have fun ladies! xo

You have a variety of looks but what’s your favorite?

I have quite a diverse range of styles, but nothing beats a great dress, and some fab heels. I think finding the perfect dress (that can be versitile as well), is so important. I defintely can be a girly-girl at times, but I still like to take it up a notch with an edge. Lately my favorite look has to consist of lace, ruffles, florals, and silk.

Where do you get your inspiration?
Anywhere really. People on the street, friends, fashion blogs, just to name a few. You just know when you've seen something that inspires you.

Favorite brands:
Marc Jacobs, Wilfred, Alexander Wang, Talula Babaton, Chanel, 3.1 Phillip Lim, Zara, Bebe, Marciano. List goes on really.

Style icons?
Hmm, at the moment, it would have to be Lauren Conrad. She is always so effortlessly chic, and polished. But overall, I would have to say Audrey Hepburn. She has always been an inspiration for class and elegance. Her style has been greatly admired in the fashion industry.

What is one piece of clothing / accessory you think every girl should have?
Statement items. A pair of staple pumps in black or a nude shade, or that versatile dress.

Favorite purchase EVER?
My Wilfred crepe boyfriend blazer. Best investment yet.

What tops your wish list?
At the moment, it would have to be Tiffany & Co.'s heart tag necklace.

Top 3 must-haves in your wardrobe?
A great dress, a blazer, and the perfect pair of heels.

Worst trends?
Spandex tracksuit with HEELS. Seriously ladies, have some class! And I would have to say..the gangster wear. i.e Ed Hardy, Affliction, etc. It does not make you hardcore by default. And guys, blinged out R&Rs? Not cool. At all. And last but not least, CROCS! I don't care if they're comfy! It is not meant to be worn out in public.



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