Gift of a friend ♥

Miss this girl tons! Within that short span of time we've gotten to know each other, it's been such a ball. Since she did a post on me quite some time ago, here's hers. First off, Sueann, I miss you! I wish we had more time when I was back. I still haven't been to Sentosa with you. And of course all the partying we have yet to do. Such a waste we didn't get to go the last time either. Oh wells, we will always have "Prom Night" and Kandi Bar ;) Right babe? I have yet to do so many things with you, and it sucks that we're at opposite ends of the world. Makeovers, shopping, bar hopping, beach bars, and karaoke. I remember the first time i met you, you bought me dinner at Holland V, and we had the same shoes in different colors! Gladiators baby. Following that day, I think I spent like the next couple of days hanging out with you as well. Anyways, here's my shout out to you. hopefully I'll get to see you soon! Remember I'm always one call away babe. xo



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