Bringin' the old school back

So I've been watching Glee lately.. a lot of it actually. And I must say, it's amazingly good. It's somewhat like High School Musical, just 10x better haha. Better story line, and a much better cast as well. The choir vocals and dance numbers are off the charts. I actually think I'll purchase their soundtrack. (knowing me, I hardly ever purchase CDs unless I know they're worth getting) Watching that series though, has brought back a ton of memories. From my choir days, to the songs that I used to listen to. Endless Love + True Colors! The Glee Cast's rendition of it is pretty awesome! Speaking of music.. There will be a concert held at BHLC (2575 Nanaimo Street, Vancouver B.C) this upcoming Saturday starting at 5:30 p.m. It's the Benefit Concert hosted by VUM (Vancouver Urban Ministries). Unfortunately, it does fall on the same day as the Starfield Concert. Our Youth Band (Shauna, Sam, Kevin, Nancy, Vui Heong and myself) will be opening for Infinitus. Check out their site if you're interested in finding out more about them. There will also be a fundraising dinner prior to that, with Sushi & Pizza I believe. Cost is approximately $3-5, and the entry for the concert is by donation. Anyways come support us if you happen to be free on that Saturday! xo



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