It's never that simple

I'm officially sick. This is the most sick I've been in years, and it's an awful feeling. body aches, the cold, sore throat, headaches.. list goes on. I've been hiding under the blanket for the most part, and I've shut myself away from everyone. (Quarantine time. Don't wanna get y`all sick as well!) even Ben & Jerry's can't help this time round. The fam went out without me today, and did some major shopping. Today out of all days. Oh wells, I will have my fair share of fun next week.. provided I'm feeling much better. It's times like these I miss you. I remember when you used to put up with my crap and came over to check up on me. You would bring me whatever I wanted to eat (even though in the end you would buy what you thought would be good for me), and made sure I took my meds. you even kept me company, and you didn't care if you got sick ♥ (yah  I know I was such a princess) It's nice having someone to take care of you when you're ill. Sadly, that doesn't really happen to me anymore. I mean, there's always friends who care and would take care of you, but it's not the same. I'm sure most of you would agree. Nothing beats your significant other being there. Sigh* i need a hug :( Why is it that even years after everything, the past still haunts us?

P.S I watched this pretty remarkable Christian movie on Friday. It's called Fireproof. Really touched my heart. You guys should def check it out, cause it's worth the watch. The soundtrack is pretty awesome as well. One of the songs that has since stuck with me is While I'm waiting - John Waller. Give it a listen! xo



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