Shanghai Noon

Today was family day. Fam Jam? You could say so. Can't beat hanging out with Melanie though. Headed to Shanghai Wonderful: 8380 Lansdowne Road #110 Richmond, BC (weird name, I know. but don't let the name throw you off.) for lunch. I haven't been there for quite some time. The last time I was there for a meal was probably back in 2006. The cuisine there though, never ceases to amaze. Their Xiao Long Bao + Hot and Sour Soup is a must for an order. Add the Cherry Pork onto that. Great food for a reasonable price. One of the best Shanghainese restaurants for sure! After that, we ran some errands and then headed to ..

And I bought a desk. (Thanks fam for helping with fixing it up and carrying it up the stairs!) In the middle of re-decorating my room, so I'm picking up things here and there. Saw the lovely Audrey Hepburn canvas art. Tempted to buy it! lol wasn't in the greatest mood today. Especially at Ikea, so I'm terribly sorry if it showed! On another note, I'm taking a break from packing just to blog. Life hasn't been that interesting lately, except for the fact that I got into fashion school! back to classes in January. Birthday month, woot! I'm very very excited to move onto the next phase in my life, and finally get to go to school for what I love. Everything seems to be slowly falling into place, and I'm so grateful to God for paving this path for me. Even though things might not be smooth sailing all the time, I can't say that I'm not blessed. Anywhos, back to packing. Shall keep you guys updated! xo



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