Conversations halfway across the world

Because I've seen Your light
You bring my world to life.

It's sunday night, and really.. I should be studying, but I've taken many " breaks " over the past few hours instead lol. I've had quite the weekend. Had it's ups and downs.. but everything fell into place in the end. Oh, and I've officially found a new fav hangout. The convention center at waterfront! It's beautiful, and truly showcases why Vancouver is the place to be. It's a good date place as well. (hint) You guys should check it out if you have the time.

On another note, I had quite a good chat with Martin today. (although he was half awake..) It went from relationships, to pure nonsense. Haha. But yeah, I think my love life will be on a hiatus for now. I seem to have liked the wrong guys as of late. Some maybe I regret more so than others, but I guess I learn from it. I wish dating wasn't this complicated, and guys weren't so hard to read. (I'm pretty sure the guys who are reading this right now are rolling their eyes at me lol) Maybe it's just me? Who knows.



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