This Summer will be an epic one

Now that school has come to an end, and I have some free time before I get back to school again, it's time to finally start enjoying my summer! Ain't nothing like them Summer Nights eh? Here's my Summer to-do list for 2009.

  • Organize a BBQ at the beach, or a park. I miss these. I haven't had one in awhile, and it's always tons of fun whenever we do it. Add water fights onto that ; )
  • Atving it up in Whistler !! TONS of fun. The view after is worth it.
  • Outdoor photography. It's perfect for that. Can't wait for the nature + beach shots. I love how the sun makes everything look so beautiful in pictures.
  • Go on a camping trip to Tofino. Being on the beach during sunrises and sunsets never get old. Plus, the weather is always cool. Kim, Andrew, Melanie, are you up for it?
  • Sea-wall it up. I can't blade :( .. So biking will have to do for now. Ice-cream after that sounds about right.
  • The beach. Summer screams this. Whether it be a BBQ, volleyball, tanning, relaxing, or football.. it's always a hot spot for these activities. I've already been to kits twice within the past few weeks, and it's only the beginning. Remember me + my pink nike football? It's that time of the year again guys!
  • Bonfires ! Sitting on our towels late at night and telling stories, or having our heart to heart talks. Nonetheless, those were some pretty epic times.
  • Backyard movie nights. These were awesome.. now all we need is a projector and a screen.
  • Watersports anyone? Harrison's + Cultus here I come. Ski do's and wake boarding is a must try for the summer.
  • Last but not least, Summer shopping! Who can resist the sales and the gorgeous maxi dresses? And for guys, cargo shorts + polo it up ! This is also the flip flops season, so start wearing them : )

    What are your summer plans ?


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