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Part deux with Crowned by V! The one thing I love about photography is the fact that it brings such joy to my life. I get all excited and giddy about my favorite shots. (Okay, maybe a little exaggerated, but definitely quite a bit of excitement! The people I photograph know this.) There were months where my camera was left on the shelf collecting dust, and I questioned when I would pick it up again. Call it a creative black hole if you will. 

For the longest time - it was a comparison game. Whether my work would make "the cut". There's an abundance of photographers out there, and the perfectionist in me struggled to be of a certain calibre. And that was my biggest mistake. But here I am, months later - refreshed, motivated, inspired and more importantly - enjoying what I do. Perhaps distance does make the heart grow fonder. And this case, it held true. Can't wait to see what comes up in the following months. Definitely expect some back dated posts from my Europe trip!

P.S Isn't Vivien such a stunner? She definitely knows how to work the camera! And if you can model your own products, props.

DSC_0822 DSC_0802


Debbie Poh said...

Gorgeous photos and blog! I'm so glad that you found me on IG randomly because I'm amazed at how much we have in common-- both from Singapore, Christian, love fashion and photography (even though my skills are much less developed than yours haha)! We should meet up sometime when we're both in Vancouver!

xx Debbie


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