Flowers in your hair ♥

Earlier this morning, Vivien and I made our way to Poco for a quick shoot. Maybe it was just pure luck.. but the lighting was spectacular. She is such a joy to photograph, and I think we nailed it on the first look with this awesome thrifted jacket. (Thank you Value Village!) For those who know me, you'll probably know that I have a bit of an obsession with flower crowns. It is the perfect accessory for any summer festival. Or concerts. Anyways, just wanted to share a little more about Crowned by V:

CROWNED BY V was inspired by live music, festival style, and a good will to make everyone feel magical and special when adorned in something truly unique. With the objective to share the ubiquitous "hoorah" moment of being under the spotlight, we hope to make everyone feel like queen for a day by way of getting crowned by V.

So if you ever need a little botanical wonder to add to your wardrobe.. Be sure to hop on over to her site! I'll be posting this series in two parts. Stay tuned for more!


trés beans said...

these photos came out lovely :)

Debbie Poh said...

So cool that you took pictures in Poco since I live in Coquitlam! We're so lucky to leave so near to such beautiful scenery and have it right at our fingertips for fun fashion shoots! This is a gorgeous outfit, I think that everyone should shop at VV at least once to experience that thrill of buying something awesome secondhand for a fraction of the price it once was!

xx Debbie


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