From the pages of my personal journal..

‎"Sometimes.. I think we’re really oblivious to the good things in life. How good we’ve got it here. How much we take things for granted. I find these kids showing me everyday, to just find the simplicities of life, and be truly happy with it. Despite the state or circumstances they’re in.. they continue to find that crack of light in the darkness. And most of the ones I’ve met have found it. " - Taken from a journal entry during my trip.


Fiona Chian said...

love you tess! what a great i was watching tv and there was this quote this lady shared about something like saying "dress everyday like you are going to run into your worst enemy" i thought it was funny and true and made me just think of you cuz you dress well hehehe.. miss you and talk soon

amileinherheels said...


Aww Fio this message made me smile :) Love ya too girl!!

Anonymous said...

Absolutely beautiful words.


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