Waking up in Vegas ♥

What did I get for waking up in Vegas? Quite the experience I must say. This was probably the most comfortable leg of our trip, being put up a nice hotel with awesome service. (As expected, everyone there runs on tips.) Vegas. Land of excessive drinking, partying, and drunk Hello Kitties on the street. But, I ended up with the other side of Vegas! Shopping, sightseeing (This was so bomb. Pictures to follow!), buffets, and shows.

I have to say.. my favourite part of this trip would have to be the Grand Canyon. We took the heli tour, which was SO worth it. I highly, highly recommend it. Breakfast and lunch is included as well. Plus.. both our guides were pretty awesome. One's French and the other is Taiwanese! We had the heli and boat to ourselves, which was nice. Our Taiwanese guide on the boat, even let us drive the boat down the river! Oops, wasn't supposed to share. He also spoke to us in Hokkien and Mandarin, and we felt so at home haha!

Sometimes, you come across scenic destinations that blow your mind. This was one of the times. I can't exactly tell you how majestic the formations in the Canyon were, or how impressive they look. I hope these photos will do the talking instead!

This is our Taiwanese guide! He was awesome. Such a down to earth and warm person. We've had interesting coincidences during our trip, and this was most definitely one of them. At a glance, we couldn't tell he was Chinese! Especially since none of other guides were. But life surprises you sometimes. And these are the little moments that make it awesome. I'll have to do a photo diary for the rest of the Grand Canyon in the next post! Took way too many pictures.

When was the last time you were in Vegas? And what were your favourite things to do while you were there? Do share, I'd love to hear! XO


Unknown said...

I would LOVE to go to the Grand Canyon some time! I'll take the tour like you suggested... it looks like fun! I miss Vegas! I was supposed to go to Vegas for 2 nights while I was in California but that didn't work out :( Booo. Oh well, California was fun on it's own too. I miss it already!

By the way - I had to step out while I was watching you draw the "wedgie" so when i got back and all i saw was the finished picture i was like "what is that... coming out of his pants? this is so WRONG tessa!!! hahaha!"

Krissy ~ style san san said...

oh wow, the city lights look BEAUTIFUL! I would kill to go to the grand canyon!
Krissy xoxo

aaronshlo said...

The last time I was in Vegas was the tail end of December 2011. :P
My fave part of the trip was visiting The Gun Store. I'd never shot a gun before, so that was a fun (and loud) experience. There are quite a lot of guns to choose from, too!

Katy said...

Amazing pictures! I've been to Vegas but never the Grand Canyon. I would love to go hiking there one day.

camerafilmroll said...

Your pictures continue to fascinate me. Awesome photography babe! (: The colors are amazing!

amileinherheels said...

You definitely should!! I saw your Cali pics, too cute!! Your cousin is adorable. LOLOL I know I should've drawn it better!!! Hahaha too funny though.

They truly are! A must see :)

That is one thing I failed to do :( I definitely need to go back to check that out! And.... I guess party too.. hahaha.

Thanks! :) You can actually hike at Red Rock Canyon. It's beautiful out there as well.

Thanks babe!! :)


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