Hidden Gem: The Board of Trade & Co ♥

I'm sure some of you have heard about THE BOARD OF TRADE CO. If you haven't.. well you're missing out! When my friend David (Co-owner with Eunice Quan), asked if I could shoot for their upcoming preview, I of course couldn't say no! I was down at the store last Friday to check out some of the new pieces that came in, and I think I'm in love. Lots of creams, blacks, sheer and knit pieces. Perfect for layering, especially with this weather. Their menswear collection is amazing too. Guys, this is where you should shop!

I also love the fact that this store brings in one of a kind pieces, from independent designers globally. You won't have to worry about everyone else looking the same. Oh and I picked up a jewelry piece that's designed by Amaly! I shall post a picture of that soon. They definitely have the coolest jewelry. 

So if you're ever in the Chinatown area, make sure you stop by the store! It's located at 227 Union Street. Have lunch at Phnom Penh, and do some shopping after ;) Sounds like a great idea, yes? Oh and stay tuned for the preview pics. Lily killed it as always! XO


nicole said...

Great photos, Tessa! The knitted accessories and sweaters look so cozy too. I'll have to make a trip out there soon :)

Lily said...

How did I miss that sweater with the cut out shoulders?! Damn. Should've wore that with the black sheer dress...


amileinherheels said...

Thanks Nicole! I looove their knitted merchandise. You should def pay a visit sometime soon before it's all gone :P

I don't know why I didn't think of it either hahaha. I clearly saw it too :( But in any case, you look great in the photos!! XO

Jessica said...

such an awesome shop. i need to get down to vancouver!

amileinherheels said...

You definitely do! We have some of the best boutiques!

Agence de mannequins Paris said...

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