Collaborative Residence ♥

Here's the final product! I had a ton of fun with this collaboration, as Lily and I got to style these four looks together with pieces from THE BOARD OF TRADE CO.'s nu in-house women's line, WU+SEN. It's always a good time when I get to work with creative forces such as David and Lily. So if you like what you see, head down to the store (227 Union Street) to say hi and check it out, because these sure go quick! See anything you like yet in particular from this shoot? ;)


Shirley said...

Amazing pictures Tessa!
All the pieces are highlighted so well that I can't wait to check out The Board of Trade Co and shop! :)

Jo said...

You really shoot great photos Tessa!

OH and thanx for your lovely comment. I was grinning while reading it. My new look is up. I'm so glad youre hair grew back quick! Now that my hair is coloured, I hope it doesn't grow out so soon. hehe

Katy said...

Wow Lily looks gorgeous.. and you are such an awesome photographer! Do you do it full time?

Chelle said...

Lily looks amazing as she always does! What great photos, you are seriously talented. I love the styling, each look is perfect :)

Xo Chelle

theversastyle said...

i love the long layers of the last look paired with flat boots... major love!


Ingrid said...

Wow these are WICKED photos! Love the shots and the editing. I love this crazy cool style, but aghhh never get around to doing it in real life. I'm a cardigan and jeans gal... one day, one day!

It's Strangely Me said...

You are SUCH an amazing photographer!!! I LOVE all your photos. And of course, Lily looks gorgeous as usual.

I finally got my camera, and I've literally been taking photos of EVERYTHING in sight. Nooo shame hahah.


Anonymous said...

I am in love with your haircut!

amileinherheels said...

Thanks girl :) You def should! I think you'd love everything there haha!

Thank you!! Yeah I saw and I like :D

Thank you!!! I wish I did. It would be a dream job haha! But I need to upgrade some serious camera gear before I go down that road. Maybe in the near future!

Thanks girl!


One of my favs! Too whimsical <3

Play around with your style a little more :) It's always fun! And thank you :)

Thanks girl!! She always does :) That's awesome! And that's how you learn best. Keep shooting!!

@Ms. Givens
It's actually my friend's haha but I agree, I love her haircut as well :)

UnA said...

Aww your blog is lovely. So pretty pictures.
I'm definitely following you. If you have Tim come check my blog


Lali said...

So many beautiful pictures and outfits! Amazing!

amileinherheels said...

@TheSanctuary, Lali
Thank you :)

Lena said...

Amazing, very cool outfits - Kisses from Paris

Elodie said...

Your photos are really amazing and I love your style!
I'm happy to have discovered your blog and I think I am going to continue to follow it. I wait for your next articles, good continuation :)
PS ; I'm sorry for my bad english ahah

Sarah said...

Beautiful photos, editing, styling and Lily of course beautiful as well! Great job!



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