It's a Whistler weekend ♥

Long weekend at Whistler? Awesome. The last time I went to Whistler was probably.. 5 years ago? Yeah it's been awhile. Not too much has changed, but it was still very much an enjoyable trip. This time.. it was with my family + some family friends. Good bonding time. It's amazing what an hour and half's drive from Vancouver will take you. I feel pretty blessed to live not too far off from Whistler. Don't you, Vancouverites? Anyways I'll let the pictures do the talking. Photo overload! Hope everyone enjoyed their long weekend as well :)


Jo said...

Such lovely pictures! The way you edit them to be overexposed? and faded... so dreamy. I love the evergreen trees. The all scenery reminds me of what I could only see in movies.

It's nice to stumble upon a fellow Singaporean-at-heart but living-in-another-country blogger. I will be checking out your blog more often for travel pictures and words that set one thinking. I absolutely love voyeuring in this way.

I just followed you! Beginning to like your blog, pictures and lovely words as accompaniment. =)

aliciafashionista said...

Wow Tessa, it's like vintage Whistler!!! These photos are unreal, I feel like I'm looking at them in a magazine! Can't wait until our photo walk and you can help me understand the camera :) Glad you had a fun long weekend xo

cryskay said...

you always have the most beautiful photos. i bet if you took a picture of toilet paper - it'd be amazing. lol. i've always wanted to visit whistler, especially in the winter to snowboard. xx

marianna said...

such beautiful pictures!! which camera are you using if you don't mind me asking, looks like you had fun up there!

amileinherheels said...

Hey girl! Thanks :) I use the Nikon D60! Super basic camera haha. And wow I realize you know a ton of my friends!! Small world.

marianna said...

Hehe yeah it's crazy!! You went to the same high school as my best friend I believe, it's true how they say everyone knows everyone! :p


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