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I love my days off. Especially on nice days such as this. Finally had a chance to catch up with Amy, as she's finally done all her finals. Congrats girl :) We went for pho, and decided to take a walk by Trout lake. Needless to say, we took pictures! Isn't she the cutest?

I've been meaning to also do more outfit posts, but my brother and my remote control + tripod are the only ones I can rely on for now. However, Amy took these shots for me, and I love them!

Tribal Romper | Heritage 1981
Necklaces | Oak + Fort & Bugis Street 
Belt & Tights | Zara
Wool Over-sized Cardigan | Wilfred 
Combat Boots | Spring 

Okay, so last night I was hanging out with the guys, and they tried to get me to speak with the Singaporean accent. For those of you who don't already know, I was born and raised in Singapore for half my life, and my family eventually decided to move to Vancouver, instead of Melbourne. So now, I have accustomed to the Canadian accent. (The Australian accent sounds pretty cool too.) But of course, I can still switch to the Singaporean one if I wanted to.

Singlish is the language of Singaporeans. I'll have to just throw that out there. Our street slang is one that is unique and to be reckoned with, but at the same time.. can be a turn off to many hahaha. Although I'll have to say.. it's extremely fun talking to fellow Singaporeans in Singlish. So here's my question, what do you guys think of the accent? Some think it's cool, while others find it quite unpleasant to the ears. Watch this, but read this too, before you let me know what you think!


Anonymous said...

hi Tessa,

good post.
its funny when you say that we singaporeans have an accent.

because here, its the 'ang mos' with the accent lor. singaporeans who studied overseas also come back with an Accent loooooorrrr...

so, singaporean would say, "hey, you've got an AmEriCan AcCenT, or AuStrAliAn AccEnT". its not like the most flattering comment right. it just means, "oh, this person is Jiak Kan Tang" (eat potatoes)

But like you mentioned, Singaporean Accent. I was in Sydney for 4 yrs. My Aussie frens claimed that I have a Singaporean Accent, and they loved it (more than we Singaporeans are proud of). It makes me feel like im an exotic species in the Aussie bushlands.

So, this Jiak-prata Singaporean has educated his aussie, french, german, and all other jiak kantang friends on hokkien vulgarities. Hence, if you r singaporean and you think 'angmos' doesnt understand what you're scolding them, Think twice before you scold them... CCBKNN!!!!



amileinherheels said...

Hey you :) Thanks for reading the post boy!

Ya like you right? Come back home with the accent! So how .. now aussie + sg is it? Hahaha. Yeah! Either jiak kan tang or atas la.

I know it feels pretty cool but it sounds so turn off ish whenever I speak it LOL. My dad will always say I sound so chor lor when I speak it hahaha. Hokkiennnnn is the best. I'll see you back in Singapore :)

Unknown said...

nice photos. I like your scarf :D

I followed you deary. :3

camerafilmroll said...

I am loving that romper. Tribal prints for the win!
Can't wait for you to come to Singapore! (:

amileinherheels said...


Thanks :) Oh & the scarf is actually my friend's haha.

YES! Tribal prints :) I can't wait too!!! Shopping adventures <3

love-aholic said...

love your outfit!
i'd never think to pair a romper with combat boots are they but they surprising work really well! :) and the cardigan looks very warm and comfy! haha

amileinherheels said...

Thanks girl!! :) The cardigan is one of my staples in my closet. Def a good buy!

Selena said...

The Aussie accent is my fav accent haha my former Aussie coworker told me that she should get her brother to leave me a voicemail msg for my birthday lol <3

Where is Wilfred? I really like that Cardigan.

You must let me hear your Singaporean accent before I leave haha

amileinherheels said...

Haha me too :) Awww I love aussies. My cousin has the awesomest accent cus he's Australian haha.

Oh Wilfred is one of Artizia's in-house lines that they carry! I got this awhile back though. Probably almost 2 years ago..? It was a steal at $60 from like $225? Hahaha sure only for you ;)

cryskay said...

yay an outfit post feat. yourself. i love your boots and the color/print of your dress. xx

amileinherheels said...

Thanks! It's slowly becoming one of my fav rompers.

Label me Addict said...

hey Tessa!
i cant believe by chance i stumbled upon your blog and to only find out that you have fond memories of Singapore... it's nice that now and then you talk about this tiny island i am living in!!! i hope we could follow each others blog as i really love your post... so don't forget to take a look at mine!


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