Lights, camera, fashion ♥

Model/Hair & Make-up: Lily Nguyen 
Stylist/Creative Director: Tinu Adesugba 
Photographer: Yours truly :) 
Clothing provided by: Obsidian 

When you put the three of us together, that share the same passion for fashion, this is the magic that happens. I hope that you guys will enjoy these pictures! Part two awaits. Give me a few days, I'll get to it. xo


Anonymous said...

This is great work. Love it.

Unknown said...

LOVE LILY! Fabulous shoot :)

BLEURGH & Xisses

Unknown said...

Loving the shots you did of Lily in B&W! Really plays up the drama Tinu did a great job I think of taking Lily more out of her element.


amileinherheels said...

Thanks girl :)

Lily's a fabulous model! I had tons of fun during the shoot!

Thank you! I'm glad it all turned out well :)


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