Sooner than later ♥

My weekend in photos. Well.. two-thirds of my weekend? Since there's still Sunday to go. Caught up with Amy this past Friday, and we had a girls day out! Always good to bond over food + fashion. Which girl doesn't love that? And also, I did a shoot with the lovely Lily and Tinu! Sneak peek for y'all. Check it. I can't wait to post the rest, but a teaser will have to do for now while I work on the pictures. When you work with two fabulous ladies, it's always a blast :) Not forgetting Aaron! Sushi + Candy? We're such kids hahaha. Jerry, you missed out this time :(

Oh and an update on the Benefit Concert! It is definitely a go. Thank you to those who've emailed, messaged, BBM, texted, etc. The responses have been such a blessing. I am extremely encouraged to know that there are others who would love to be part of this special cause, and want to make a difference. I'll definitely do a proper update soon. Think I need to get some writing out on here. Word vomit? Gross. Just kidding!

P.S Please continue to keep Japan, Mexico, & the rest of the world in your thoughts + prayers. We could use more of that right now. 


Commander JerBear said...

It should be a crime to post pictures of yummy food so late at night >=[... Now I'm hungry >.<! And I always imagined that Aaron would look just a tad more ecstatic in Sweet Factory =P

Tinu said...

Tessa your a genius! Love it!!

Selena said...

Oooo Sweet Factory, I want some, but too many snacks lately, an actual meal was the yummiest thing I've had all 2/3s of my weekend.

I'm so glad the Benefit Concert is looking so promising so far, yayy!!

Pablo said...

aaron ur so hot

Ria said...

Good luck with the benefit! Love the shoes.

amileinherheels said...

Hahaha we'll go Japas again next time :) He was! He was deciding what to get :P

Thanks girl!!! :)

You need proper meals!!! Hey let's go have lunch before you leave! Yes it has been :) It definitely has it's challenges, but it's been pretty smooth sailing so far. Couldn't have done it without Kevin though!

LOL, you know you want him.

Thank you!!! Those shoes are Lily's actually. She has an amazing wardrobe :)


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