Here we go again ♥

Spent a whole day working on papers, assignments.. you name it. My stress level has been increasing gradually throughout the day. I'm glad the night is dying down. Yup, at 12:45 am. That's how I roll. I am in need of a getaway. Anywhere with a beautiful beach front would work. Although I'm probably going to wait till the summer comes along. Summer 2011 ASIA!! Along with Fio, Paul & Pabs :) And whoever else wants to join us of course. It'll be a good time for me to learn about other cultures, experience different things different countries have to offer, as well as travel with some awesome friends. Our travel itinerary includes Brunei, Singapore, Malaysia, and possibly Taiwan. Can't wait!

So onto Day #2 of my 10 day challenge..

Nine things about myself. Hmm.

1. One of the things I really hope to do in the near future, is compile a book of my grandmother's recipe. It's been passed down from generations. Doesn't get more authentic than that.
2. I initially wanted to be a Fashion Designer, but I can't sew.. so there's your answer.
3. I come from a very multicultural family. I have aussie cousins, half-brit family members, family from the Philipines, India, Malaysia, U.S.. list goes on.
4. I eventually hope to get into Photography as a career, as well as working within a church ministry, or the missions field.
5. I can be quite a hopeless romantic.
6. I come from a family of competitive swimmers. My cousin has swam the English Channel. Yup crazy, I know.
7. I love shoes. I think it might be a bit of an obsession. Although lately... I've been more inclined to buy kicks instead of heels. Yay for chucks! Oh, and if you're looking for a pair of pretty comfy shoes for a good cause, buy a pair of TOMS! For every pair you purchase, another pair will be donated to a kid in need. So get involved in this awesome movement :)
8. My favourite ice-cream flavour is Green Tea. Bring me some and it's the easiest way to cheer me up on a bad day. With your company of course hahaha.
9. I have a fascination with the Peranakan culture. Well, it is my culture after all. But if I've always wondered what it'd have been like to live in a beautifully crafted home, where women had to learn how to cook and sew, and make beaded shoes. Unfortunately most of what's left of the culture is slowly fading. Wished I got to see the houses my ancestors lived in. I've seen pictures, and it's beautiful.

Ok Day 19 of the Thanksgiving Challenge!! Woo.

1. My hair straightener. Sometimes I don't want my hair to look too wavy.
2. Hair dryer! It's essential lol.
3. Patience. I had a hard time being patient with my project today.
4. Andrew being a call away when I need a quick confirmation about something :)
5. Our praise and worship team. You guys always rock it.
6. Discount coupons!! I will be spending quite a bit tomorrow @ Michaels.
7. Days off class.
8. I don't really drink beer.. so I'll say martinis/cocktails? Have y'all tried the Singapore Sling ;)
9. They have such inspiring pictures! Most of my pictures are from there.
10. Sites that I can stream TV episodes I've missed.


aaronshlo said...

I love your lists! Haha beer rocks! (re: #8 of your Thanksgiving Challenge)

Oh, and I want new Chucks, too. :P

Selena said...

Mmmm I love green tea ice cream too =)

I wish I could afford one of those hundred something dollar hair dryers that make your hair feel nicer after. Or the straightener for wet hair.

I'm also grateful for sites to stream shows, because I don't watch TV otherwise. I just watched this week's Gossip Girl. I thought Chuck and Blair were so funny in that scene in front of the dean heehee.

amileinherheels said...

Love your lists too! :) & yay for beer.. in the shower? Haha jk.

Save up and we'll go shopping :D

I don't even have one.. well hair dryer. The straightener lasted me 5 years. Still using it :) So I'd say it's worth splurging on one!

Mhmm same!!! I loved Chuck/Blair's scenes. Too hot hahaha

Selena said...

You have a straightener for wet hair?? That's so cooool, I saw it on youtube only the other day, I thought it was amazing :D

Leighton Meester is such an awesome actress as Blair =)

amileinherheels said...

Haha no no not for wet hair! Just a really good straightener :)

I love Leighton. She's so pretty!


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