I'm taking the challenge ♥

So I'm starting this new blogging challenge. (On top of the 40 day Thanksgiving challenge) Hopefully I'll be able to go through with it. It is only 10 days after all..

Day 1 – Ten things you want to say to 10 different people right now
Day 2 – Nine things about yourself
Day 3 – Eight ways to win your heart
Day 4 – Seven things that cross your mind a lot
Day 5 – Six things you wish you could change or wish you’d never done
Day 6 – Five people who mean a lot to you
Day 7 – Four turn offs
Day 8 – Three turn ons
Day 9 – Two smileys that describe your life right now
Day 10 – One confession

Let's start. Day 1? 10 things to 10 people? Easy.

1. Throughout this past year, you've been such an amazing friend. I couldn't ask for a better person to be in my life. I'm glad I've also gotten to know you a lot better this year. Thanks for always being there to lend a listening ear, for the talks, and hang outs.
2. I wished you'd let your guard down a little, so more people could see this side of you, that not many can see. Underneath all that tough exterior, you're just like every other person. Lighten up a little! I think you'll enjoy life a whole lot more.
3. It was awesome meeting you this year. I must say, you're quite a character. Nonetheless, you've been such a blessing in my life. Through the ups and downs, I'm glad I was able to be there when you needed it. Thanks for all the good times :) More to come!
4. I don't know how I feel about you, but I guess time will tell. People change, right? I can't believe I considered dating you at one point lol.
5. There's more to life than money and power. You should use that to buy yourself a ticket to the slums to see how fortunate you are, you brat.
6. Sometimes I wished things didn't change between us. But I'm glad you're at a good point in your life right now. You deserve it.
7. I miss you, and I always wonder what things would've been like if I stayed on.
8. I don't think you know how much admiration I have for you as a person. You're so talented, and God has blessed you with so many gifts. Embrace it. Keep doing what you're doing, because you're going to make it big one day.
9. Thanks for the awesome chats, and the messages throughout the day :) I don't think I've said it, but it's something I look forward to.
10. It's awkward. But I don't think you've realize. I hope time changes things, and you'll change too. You have so much heart. Let other people see that too.

Now the 10 thinks I'm thankful for today:

1. Old magazines. So I can do tearsheets for projects and inspirations
2. Instant food! I'm lazy sometimes.
3. Internet. It's super convenient.
4. My friends keeping me motivated!
5. Awakening album. Awesome songs.
6. My mom making banana cake today. Mm so good.
7. My backyard. It was good to get some fresh air.
8. BBT runs. Thanks Jay! ♥
9. Old blog posts. They remind me of how much I've changed, and of course the memories from that time.
10. My PSP. It's pink too! Hehe


aaronshlo said...

Oh my goodness! I want banana cake! ...Why do we always start craving the things we talk about in each other's blog posts? D:

amileinherheels said...


I'll make you some :D Yeah I know eh? Dang you LOL and wings! Now I want wings :(

Kevin Charisma said...

Aren't you suppose to direct those 10 things to people?? I mean, who knows what's going to them?

amileinherheels said...


That's the whole point. They're supposed to guess which one is for them! Can't be tooo obvious. P.S One of them is you ;)


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